In my heart and mind, the world seems to have gone upside down and inside out.

The good news is that this topsy turvy world has created a movement born out of a huge sense of solidarity that is growing ever stronger each day.

The bad news (aside from the reason we are needing to hook arms and join in solidarity) is that there is a strong risk of burning out.

We are now post-Brexit, post-US election, post-DT inauguration, in the midst of refugee crisis in Europe and what feels like an international wave of right wing Nationalism.

We are consumed by the news, desperate to know what’s going on and searching for ways to make it all better.

You want to know. You want to act. You want to do. You want to make change.

It is a desperate urge; a need.

I hear you, feel your passion and share your passion.

Yet I ask you to stop.

Just for a moment. Stop.

Sounds counter-intuitive? Pisses you off?

I know, but hear me out.

There is a lot of doing that needs to happen. It’s true.

And we, Western Women, are going to make the difference. I believe this wholeheartedly.

However, I want us to keep our minds clear and our hearts whole while we make that difference. While we make choices and act strategically – with intentionality and wisdom.

And in order to do that, we need to begin with the basics. That means taking care of ourselves first.

Getting distracted, frazzled and exhausting ourselves is more dangerous now than ever.

So take that moment to stop. Listen in and decide where and how you are going to focus your energy and time.

Take some time to regroup with you.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

DO NOT become subject to the 24/7 newsfeed. Turn the notifications off and limit your access to the news to times of the day when you are not tired or sensitive. It’s information diet time. Own your access. Become proactive not reactive.

DO NOT only talk about the shit that’s going on. It’s ok to vent and to listen, but be sure to support one another to focus on areas of your life that keep you lifted (and sane). Try end the engagement on a positive note – even if it is completely non-related (which it likely will be).

DO start and end the day on a good note. Celebrate nature, your relationships and everything else that is going well in your life. Invite the gratitude in. Stay in good standing with the Universe.

DO ask yourself: What do you have to give? Is it time? Is it energy? Is it modeling your values to your children? Is it supporting activist friends by watching their kids while they go off and do their volunteer work? It all counts.

DO be kind to YOU. Now more than ever is the time to keep yourself well and energized. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be offering some basic tips on how to stay well in body and mind.

Over the last week and in light of this new political climate, I’ve done my own regrouping. I have become strict with my self-care regime, gone on a strict news diet and committed myself to better support your needs over the next few months.

I want to learn from you and your experiences on how to best offer my support to busy mothers committed to making the world a better place. If you have benefited from, or participated in any of my offerings – free or paid – please consider participating in a 20 minute interview with me. I will thank you with the powerful gift of a 1×1 45 minute Strategy Session. If you are keen to apply, hit reply and pop INTERVIEW ME in the subject line or body of the email.

I look forward to connecting in this way!

In solidarity and with love,