The modern day Mama wants it all.


We are spinning many plates

Juggling many balls.

We are aspiring to the undefined ever-changing impossible.


The modern day Mama thinks other modern day Mamas have it all, perfectly and blissfully.


She hates the other modern day Mama.

She is constantly looking out and wanting that.

She hates herself for not having it.


The modern day Mama believes she can and should do it all perfectly and blissfully on her own. By herself.


She feels alone.

She feels a failure.

She doubts.


The modern day Mama worries however much she gives, it just isn’t enough.


She gives more.

She exhausts herself.

She loses herself.


The modern day Mama believes if the above are not achieved, she will forever have fucked her kids up.


This is the ultimate failure.


Let’s pause for a moment…


Now imagine…

How would the modern day Mama feel if she believed that it was all going to be ok?

If having “it all” (whatever that means) were boring and took the fun out of the journey.

If instead of looking outward and comparing others’ outsides to her inside, she just nourished her inside, her soul.

If imperfection and chaos became her new perfection – the learning opportunities that made life interesting and fun.

If she believed it was all ok, because she was giving just enough of her true, authentic, loved, nourished self…

Giving just enough some of the time

And keeping just more than enough to herself.


Let’s just imagine if it were true…

Because it can be.

If you believe it to be.


Believe in you, Mama

In the beautify of your imperfection.

Believe that even without “it all”

You are not only enough. 

You are actually a-ok awe-some.