So the last few weeks have been tough ones here at my House of 5.

Each of my kids seems to have beautifully barfed up some internal sufferings that have respectively manifested themselves in the form of I-hate-myself-I-hate-my-life-I-hate-youness.

We’re still trying to figure it out and of course, I take more responsibility that I probably should. But whatever the cause, in practical terms shit has officially hit the fan!!

It has NOT been an easy time!

I am so so thankful for my husband, my parenting coach, the school teams involved and my dear friends who hold my hand, laugh and cry with me.

I am also thankful for the resources I have built up over the years to support me in times like these…my understanding of emotional intelligence and my Calm Mom Toolkit (both which stop me from locking 3 kids up in a cupboard) AND my commitment to self-care and my wonderful Spiritual teachers and practices (both of which stop me from locking myself up in a cupboard!)

Yes, much thanks to these resources I’ve managed to keep it together (for the most part).

Tough spells. We all have them.

All may be going well. We think we have it sussed. Then in the distance we see the surge of the wave as it approaches. Or maybe it quickly sneaks up on us.

Sometimes the wave is manageable.

But other times it feels like a Tsunami that throws us completely off course.

This is what my last few weeks felt like.

I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t swept away by the wave…thrown around breathless and desperate for air. Some moments were like that.

Who am I kidding? Some whole days were like that!

a card I pulled at my local Women's Circle!

But thankfully and with much support, I was able to reach the surface and find that breath, that perspective that sits in the sky above the wave.

Perspective reminded me to turn up the volume on that self-nourishing dial.Click To Tweet

I started meditating longer, moving my body a little bit more often, drinking the green juice, calling in more help, opening up to friends. Asking more from my husband.

And I started turning the dial down on the other “stuff”. Less play dates, less excursions, less late nights, less screen and very very little news.

Lo and behold, I stopped tumbling and wanting to run away.

I started feeling myself again.

So I guess my first message to you, is that being a Mom is hard. It’s especially hard when your kids are little.

You may be fooled into believing that your kids will grow and it will become easier. (Fooled or lucky.)

But usually either way, a wave comes, and you’ll be reminded that it is still hard. Really hard.

My second and more important message is that it’s hard being a mother for all the good reasons…because you want them to be ok, to be happy, to enjoy life and love themselves.

You want all of this because you worry, because you love them.

And my most important message to you is that you got this – no matter how thrown around and screwed over and tumbled you feel. You got this because you love them and because you can do this.

You can. And you will. {as dictates a card I pulled at my local Women’s Circle last week!}

Because you are and forever will be a Magnificent Mom! (You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t true).

Keep on chuggin’ lovely lady!



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