Whenever I ask Mamas what their biggest challenge is in ditching overwhelm, they come back at me with the nasty four letter word: TIME.

There just isn’t enough of it!

So, at the risk of telling you what you already know (or experience!), I thought I’d share with you the top 5 reasons Mamas feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day…

REASON #1. Too much stuff going on

Let’s face it…this is probably the busiest season of your life. You’ve got more going on than you ever have before.

Not only do you need to take care of yourself, your relationship, your work and your home (plus whatever else you are committed to), there are now these dependent little creatures whose lives you are essentially responsible for.

The number of hours stays the same, but the tasks and responsibilities double or triple.

REASON #2 Ya gotta get it right

Not only have you got more stuff to do now that you’re a Mama…the stuff you’ve got to do is super important. I mean, you’ve got to get it right. Right? And getting it right takes time.

One or two or three or more little people’s lives depends on it. You’re an adult now, with adult responsibilities. (How did that happen?!).


REASON #3 Overwhelm overload

It’s no surprise that with so many more critical tasks to do and less time to do them, that stuff becomes muddled in your mind.

You might start to suffer from mind-overload, resulting in lack of clarity and ability to focus and do things efficiently.

You end up being constantly distracted, interrupted and feeling like you are buried under a huge mountain of garbage. Brain fog…it’s barfy.

It’s barfy because you don’t feel as efficient and effective as you used to feel and it means that the time you do have doesn’t always seem optimized.

REASON #4 Exhaustion sets in

This state of overload overwhelm brain fog is exhausting. You’re stressed out, tired, fatigued.

You look at your house, your list, your wardrobe and shrink into a little ball and watch the life energy slowly sneaking out your pedicure-desperate toes. You walk away, turn yourself off and start facebooking.

Or maybe do some serial binging? Screw time management, right?

It’s time to unplug.


  • It feels impossible to prioritize
  • To find time to rest
  • To find time to put yourself first (even just for an hour!)
  • To say no to what drains you
  • How on Earth?
  • With what time?
  • With what energy?
  • With what money?

I totally get it. And the first thing you need to digest when you read this is that you are not alone.

This is something most Mamas go through – some for the first phases of motherhood, others for years.

And either way, it’s ok.

The year my parents split up, Gloria Gaynor came out with the hit single I Will Survive. It became my Mom’s anthem. And it was not until I became a Mom (and I had a devoted husband!) that I understood why we had to listen to this song over and over and over again.

[link to song is here in case it comes in handy…]

So no matter how little time you feel you have, I say to 2 things to you, Mama:

1. You are not alone.

2. You will survive.

I also dare to say to you, dear Mama (and don’t get annoyed at me when I say this because it may feel impossible right now…)

…with a few simple shifts in your day-to-day life, you can do more than survive…You can thrive.Click To Tweet

So here I add the last reason that Mamas don’t feel they have enough time…

REASON #5 You believe there is no other way.

When my kids were smaller, I was convinced that there were not enough hours in the day. This belief stayed with me for many days…months, actually. Then one day I questioned this conviction.

I wondered if I could actually manage a busy Mama-of-three life in a way that was lighter, more enjoyable and with moments of beautiful connection with my kids.

With a bit of coaching support, experimentation and a few simple changes in the way I managed my home, my energy, my time, I learned to create a sense of space around my time.

From this came quality moments doing more of what I loved. So yes, I can say from experience – personal and with the Mamas I’ve worked with – that there is another way.

Knowing where you might be going wrong will help you to see where shifts need to be made in your life to start ditching the overwhelm and living life in a more spacious way.

I also invite you take three deep breaths:

Wherever you are.

However deep you can.

Focus on your breath.

Feel your body.

And just be.



Three deep breaths.