No matter who you are, or what your life looks like, there is no denying that your life is made up of now’s.

“Now” moments that roll into each other. How you choose to fill those moments is up to you.

I know you may hate hearing that, Mom, but it’s more likely than true.

Unless Motherhood took you by surprise and you decided to sacrifice yourself to the child rearing cause, you probably chose to be a Mom.

However unprepared you were for the task at hand (I know that I was!), you found yourself living a life where time passed more quickly, where those rolling moments became full of doing, doing, doing.

Because, simply put, you went from taking care of just one life to taking care of two! The spaces in between the doing shortened, or altogether disappeared. More stuff to do. Same amount of time to do it.

Your life became more full.

I’m a huge advocate for simplifying, streamlining, saying “no” and slowing down (i.e., doing less) I recognize that there will be phases in our lives as mothers where we simply have a lot to do in order to create the life we want to live.

This is especially true when the children are little, or we have work that we are passionate about or (gulp) when the extra demands i.e., the holidays are upon us.

So I want to share a new trick that is helping me to manage my very full life.

It is a shift in perspective that invites a new way of looking at and treating those now’s that make up our lives. When I wrote first drafted this piece I was in a particularly optimistic frame of mind.

The turn of events on the political scene here in the U.S. have changed that frame of mind (BIG TIME!)

The beautiful thing about this trick, is that it is relevant either way – and, as I’ve discovered in my efforts to help myself out of this psycho-emotional dump – more helpful when you are down.

It is premised on the idea that life can be simply divided into two categories – the sacred Sacred and the sacred Ordinary.

The sacred Sacred

The sacred Sacred is an easy concept. It is the special stuff – the event we carve out with the knowledge and intention of holding the time sacred for nourishing our soul or for connection with the divine.

For some of us this may look like your weekly Church service or Sabbath. For others it may be the annual weekend get-away with old college friends. For me, it is the overnight camping escapade with wonderful women friends, a women retreat for Moms, celebrating my mother’s life up at the lake with those nearest and dearest to me.

I schedule it. I look forward to it. I hold it dear. And ultimately it nourishes my mind, heart and soul (as I knew it would). It is intentionally treated in a special way.

I advocate for Mamas to carve out these sacred Sacred events regularly. They are the beautiful opportunities to step out of life and love ourselves up.

The sacred Ordinary

The sacred Ordinary is a bit more tricky because we do not necessarily carve out time for it, or intentionally treat it in a special way.

The sacred Ordinary comes upon us a lot of the time. It is integrated into our daily grind and just happens along the way.

It’s the day-to-day life stuff. The waking up, the shower, the cooking, the walk to school, the work, the pick-up, the homework, the carpool, the bedtime routine.

And while some of it lends itself to potentially feeling more sacred than other times (can cleaning up vomit really feel sacred?), I want to invite you to play with the idea that a lot of what we see as mundane boring old to-do’s have the potential to feel just that little bit more sacred.

For instance, in my life rolling out of bed grumpy to a blaring alarm has been transformed to gently waking up to my twinkle twinkle chime alarm, followed by some mindful deep breathing and a few simply yoga stretches.

If there’s time or desire, this may turn into a meditation or yoga session, but sometimes it’s just enough to ground me, and put me in a good enough place to start my day.

Showers used to be sense-less (literally).

They were unconscious minutes under water reciting my to-do list for the day. Head separated from body. Today they have become a real treat for the senses. I take a moment to listen, feel the water, to smell the shampoo and bath gel. It extends into the cream and make-up routine. A few moments of mindful self-pruning feels so good.

But my favorite sacred Ordinary has become my ten minute walk to school with my boys.

We get out the door and I am honored with the gift of their little hands, stories of their dreams or tidbits of anticipation about what lies ahead. I love my work and alone time during the school hours, but recognizing the sacred in these walks has meant that letting go of their hands and saying goodbye feels a bit sad.

See, I know that one day they too will walk on their own (as my daughter now does) and that I will no longer have that particular moment of sacred Ordinary to celebrate each day.

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When we are in a panic about events beyond our control or when we’re in a rush with a lot going on, and our lives and minds are full, it is too easy to forget about the sacred Ordinary.

My invitation to you is to take a moment to reflect on what small daily to-do you can make more sacred.

Is it simply about tuning in when they hold your hand? Finding some passion in your work? Lighting a candle while you cook? Turning on music while you fold?

Over to you, please share your new sacred Ordinary moment in the comments below, or over on my Facebook page. I love hearing from you!