Cecilia is a high level professional who works full time. Her husband also works full time. She doesn’t have family around to help; and they don’t have a nanny.

She has a 4 week old baby boy # 2 and a 3-year old toddler boy. She is on maternity leave, trying to negotiate a flexible work-from-home arrangement.

When I met Cecilia, she was stressed about going back to work, and hating herself for becoming a mother she did not like.

Over the past month, she had watched herself transform into a woman she didn’t recognize; a mother she did not want to be.

Mothering her second child the way she dreamed of had become near to impossible.

Ceci was sleep deprived (know that feeling?) and sick and tired of her toddler “misbehaving”. He kept getting in the way – demanding for attention with tantrums and testing.

She didn’t have enough hands. There weren’t enough hours in the day.

Couldn’t her 3-year old see that she needed to help? Couldn’t he step up and stop creating more work for her?!

Little brat.

And why didn’t her husband get why she was so exhausted, frustrated and annoyed at the end of each day?

Why didn’t he do more?

Cecilia felt alone and trapped in it all…in this angry person and angry pattern that she disliked. Sometimes she held her feelings in, other times they exploded at whoever was there – toddler, husband.

But this didn’t help because post-explosion, she’d feel horrible. Guilty and full of regret.

Her volatile reactions where not helping the situation at all. They were throwing gas on the fire. And she knew it.

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“Why is this happening to me?”

“Everybody else has it sussed but me!?”

“I suck. I’m ruining my kids.”

This is what she’d hear in her mind when she lay in bed after feeding her hungry baby in the night. And round and round it would go…

Why was she so stressed and unhappy all the time?

Why couldn’t she relax into the joys of motherhood?

She knew she had to change but she didn’t know how.


Cecilia is not alone. In fact, she is like hundreds of mothers who are suffering through motherhood. Mothers with newborns, mothers with toddlers, mothers with tweens.

Mothers who work outside the home, mothers who work from home and mothers who dedicate themselves entirely to managing the house. Single Moms, co-parenting Moms. All Moms!

And sure, Momstress is sometimes linked to sleep deprivation or low blood sugar.

But a lot of the time, stress is born out of our own lack of emotional intelligence coupled with some unhealthy mental habits (check out my blog on this).


The Calm Mom Coaching Circle is designed not only to help mothers to take a look at how their lifestyle choices may be supporting stress.

However, unlike any other program out there, it also helps mothers to understand, address and change the unhealthy mental patterns that feed our anxiety, guilt, regret and self-doubt.

In the Circle, you will learn how to manage hot head moments AND how to diminish the fuel that heats up the hot head moments in the first place.

If you want to find more balance and ditch overwhelm so that you freak out less and enjoy family life more, you are not alone…

Here are some of the biggest challenges and desires that led Mamas to join past Circles:

  • Balancing everything I want to do, constantly feeling anxious and insecure, enjoying my time with my children and making sure they feel grounded and secure…
  • Being loving, patient and consistent with my children, especially when I’m tired, stressed and/or not feeling well (which has been a lot recently, since being pregnant again). Balancing my responsibilities at work with my responsibilities at home.
  • Feeling rushed, overwhelmed with the details and coordination involved with managing their time and activities between two households (I am divorced), feeling like I’m not able to devote enough one-on-one time, being distracted when I would like to be more present.
  • I am a working mom with a special needs child and a big volunteer commitment. I have a hard time balancing it all.
  • I struggle to handle the small things well when I have major stress and lack of sleep. For example: I’m stressed about work and grad school, and then I freak out on the kids for not getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Maintaining my sanity: I don’t like the things I say or the way I behave, and I’m having trouble recognizing myself.
  • Perfectionism, anxiety, letting stress (large and small) cloud my judgement, my word and my actions. It seems to hard sometimes to be “playful” even though I known it’s the best way to my boys.

These Mamas walked away from the Calm Mom Coaching Circle with tools and strategies to help them to address these challenges, AND to begin enJOYing motherhood from a more confident and self-loving place.

Here’s what one of the Circle Alumni said about her experience:

“Before I joined the Calm Mom Coaching Circle I would go through the day feeling my impatience growing, culminating in a hot head moment. And afterwords, I’d feel that awful feeling of guilt.In general terms I was very happy with motherhood but I questioned (A LOT) why and how I would get to these hot head moments and I yearned a different reaction.

After having joined the Circle I find myself able to stop myself from getting into these hot head moments and to deal with the situations in a different way. I feel I have grown – I don’t make my life or my child’s miserable anymore.

I would tell ALL mothers to join this Circle as a self discovery journey. Yes, I’d recommend it to all moms.