Wow! Last weekend I wrote about the value of STOPPING and SLOWING DOWN.

This used to come naturally during summer! But I need to say that despite my intention, I have really been struggling with this whole SLOW DOWN thing this week.

I mean I thought I’d ease my way from hammock to home-sweet-home, taking on a healthy pace for the remaining weeks of August, but it’s been REALLY REALLY HARD.

See, we’ve just moved house {boxes, boxes and more boxes} and I’m also preparing to launch my second round of the Calm Mom Coaching Circle for early September.

This would all feel do-able if there weren’t three little people to savour my last week of summer with; three little people who are not in camp this coming week.

{Deep breath}.

Why the deep breath?

Well…my monkey mind is rattling off to-dos and I can’t keep still {or present, for that matter}.

  • I’m annoyed by the constant mental AND REAL interruptions.
  • I’m angry with the contradicting demands.
  • I’m frustrated with this sense that EVERYTHING is important and that there isn’t enough time to do it all.

Apparently, I’m so annoyed, angry and frustrated that I’ve taken on the characteristics of a neurotic Woody Allan character. {Gotta love my husband’s sense of humour. Hmph.}

Oh dear, is really all I can say.

So I’ve called in for help.

On Friday my man took the day off and allowed me to get some time to myself and to catch up with work. It was like a breath of fresh air! {no, really, it was}

And today we sat the children down to explain what was going on…

I’m slowly learning that sometimes what seems obvious to us, is not obvious to them.

After all, the more boxes, the more fort building. And they don’t know what my work timeline looks like and that it is what warrants our income; or that the rear lights on the car aren’t working and need replacing if we aren’t to be pulled over by the cops.

All they know is that there’s one week of savouring summer to go. And they want to have fun!

It’s fair enough. They are kids after all.

But just as we need to accommodate their world, there are times when they too need to accommodate ours. Balance, right?

So, we explained to our brew that with privileges come responsibilities…we all give and take a little.

And today, Mum is going to take time to work and then we’re all going to give time to getting the house sorted. And this routine is probably what most of the week will look like.

We talked about screen…and how our family values doing other stuff when we are at home.

Using our creative mind, our moving bodies. Drawing, reading, writing, dancing, building things, imagining worlds…when there is no adult to entertain you.

In practical terms we spoke about how to spend our time together; how to respect one another.

But really, we spoke of values and balance.

Values and balance.

This will be my challenge this last week of my savorful summer…having the clarity of mind to find balance AND live in alignment with my values.

And for this I am drawing on a bit more scaffolding…


Yes, the stuff that holds things together…that gives time structure.

For me, it looks something like this…

  • Week’s meal planning
  • Week’s exercise commitments
  • Week’s childcare/ house help schedule


  • an alarm clock to wake me up early
  • a commitment to do my mindfulness practice and/ or exercise
  • a commitment to get myself ready for Fall, via my Clear Mind | Present Mama Challenge
  • a clear list of home-making {literally!} chores for myself and the kids {to be prepared the night before}
  • easy lunch
  • afternoon summer fun with the kids
  • late afternoon kids-entertain-themselves while I catch-up on work hours
  • easy dinner {pre-made when possible}
  • early night

This is the type of scaffolding that does not come naturally to me {let’s be honest…it’s the type of structure that my free spirit self naturally rejects, as she dreams of floating through life like a forest imp}.

It is also the type of scaffolding that the school year routine naturally offers me but that I’m not so good at on my own.

It’s the type of scaffolding that will allow me to create time and space to do the Clear Mind | Present Mama Challenge and therefore helping me to regroup with, well, me.

And I really need to regroup with me right now.

Regrouping with me will provide me with the tools to smooth my way into a fabulous Fall. So here we go…rise-up sweet scaffolding and let’s savour this last bit of summer!