When we become Moms, one major thing changes in our lives: SPACE.

The space around our body disappears as our little creature wants to be on us 24/7.

The space in our home becomes cluttered with foreign objects for this new little creature.

The space between things we need to do disappears as our to do list grows exponentially.

The temporal and physical space to do those things we used to love doing – the uninterrupted chat with a friend, the drink with your partner, the drop-in-any-time facial or yoga class vanishes.

The freedom to leave the house whenever and for however long…

Gone. Vamoos.


And without this space, life can begin to feel cluttered.

Cluttered in mind, cluttered in space, cluttered in time.


Perhaps even claustrophobic.


So what do we do?


Do we stop to reflect?

To gain a new perspective?

To reconnect with our values and priorities?


Do we consider letting go?

Do we consider inviting help in?

Do we consider accepting what cannot be controlled?

Not usually.

Do we treat ourselves as learners in this brave new world of motherhood?

Do we remind ourselves that we can have it all, but maybe not right now?

No, not usually (Or at least I didn’t).

We run, fast and frantic. We run to and through our never ending to do lists.

We try do more.

We fool ourselves into believing that this running is about creating more space.

But the clutter doesn’t clear and the space doesn’t appear so we keep running.

Faster. More frantically. Straight into a state of overwhelm. Or what I often refer to as automatic-pilot-hamster-wheel living.


We run…


To tick the boxes

To keep up

And then, we run some more

We add another box

We keep up

And then we run some more


And one day, we notice that while we are running, the joy {along with the space} starts to disappear.


I know it all too well.

I also know too many Moms that know it all too well

And who can’t find their way out…

Out of the clutter.

Out of autopilot mode.

Off the hamster wheel.

And into a more spacious way of being.

I mean imagine space between your to do’s!


Imagine space around your house! Imagine time and space to do what you love! Imagine clarity.

An organized and clear mind, organized and cleared space, organized and spacious time.


Just take a moment to wonder, to imagine.

Imagine stepping off the hamster wheel, imagine that sense of control

Control over your Mind.

Control over your Space.

Control over your Time.

Imagine space to smile down and hug your child.


Space to play, to tickle, to stretch, to nap. Delicious!

In honour of yourself

:: as a mother who wants more space to enjoy who she loves and what she loves

:: as a woman who is ok (no, downright good!) with needing her own soul nourishing time and space

I invite you to create a life for you and your family mindfully and purposefully, as a first fundamental step to calm and joy.


The New School Year is almost here, it’s time for fresh starts and new beginnings! It’s time for you to embrace the possibility of spacious, conscious living.