I just danced through a SUPER virtual circle of incredible mothers who opened their hearts to share their stories and their tips on LIVING IN BALANCE AND JOY {sign up for these stories right here}.

I just cannot tell you how inspiring reading their wise wise words felt for me! It was such a strong reminder that hey, we are not alone.

And hey, it isn’t easy.

There are things we can do to make it feel a whole lot easier. {Yes, it’s true…there is another way!}

As the fabulous Find Balance | Feel Joy blog tour comes to a close, I cannot help but land into the reality of this Spring to Summer seasonal transition with a sense of gratitude.

Because, guess what?

Summer is just around the corner. And thanks to these gorgeous blog tour contributors, I’m actually feeling decently prepared for it.

I mean I’ve got a doozy of a summer coming up. Yes. So many exciting trips and projects! Yes. So much to be grateful for! {do you hear the “but” coming?} But all of it feels very compressed and non-stop!

So…I’ve committed to doing some emotional prep work…Prep work that will help me go beyond surviving summer


Just thinking about it makes me excited! And, as always, I want to invite you along for the ride! Yes! The coming of summer for Moms calls for transition and deep breathing! For some of us little changes.

For others EVERYTHING changes.

Some of us love the change.

Others crave our old routine.

But one thing is true for almost all of us…

And that is that summer is supposed to be FUN, lined with outdoor play and meaningful and fun moments with those we love!

Along with the sunshine, there’s meant to be more relaxation and play, right?

So to make this happen for You and for me, I decided to host an on-line gathering – a live call – where I will draw from the wisdom that came out of the Find Balance | Feel Joy blog tour, and guide us all through 3 simple steps to help you design and live a summer with glorious intention.

I mean, I LOVE summer!

But with 3 kids, a house move, family visits to Europe, and a business that can’t shut off, it ends up being pretty full {and potentially catastrophically exhausting, especially for MOM!}

And as with anything, I like to feel prepared. By that I mean, walking around that corner with clear intention – clear logistical, emotional and spiritual scaffolding.