Stress Less. Love More.

Learn to ditch overwhelm & become the mother you want to be.

Hi, I’m Alex!

Mothering is hard.

You love your kids. We know that. But how are you actually showing up as a Mama day in and day out?

Tired? Overwhelmed? Impatient? Hot headed?

If you are finding that life’s challenges are stressing you out and getting in the way of being the mother you want to be, then I’m here to help.

The  STRESS LESS | LOVE MORE CHALLENGE is a free on-line challenge designed to help busy mothers ditch overwhelm, clear their minds, own their time and begin loving life again. 

The CALM MOM PROJECT is a group coaching journey designed for busy Moms who suffer from overwhelm and stress in a way that impacts their relationship with SELF and with those they love. 

Mom's UP! retreat is an annual 3-day retreat. It is a glorious investment in your motherhood experience, in your family relationships, in your health and well-being, and in your quality of life.


The gratitude pause.

Life happens. And it happens fast a lot of the time. We wake up one day and see that our baby is not a baby anymore. That we haven't spoken to our friend in Goddess knows how long. Or, that our beloved husband has become a stranger.   Sometimes it hurts so much to see...

Values, shoulds & the good mother myth.

In the world of personal development where we focus on self-awareness and self-actualization there is a lot of talk about values.   Values dictate the choices you make and determine the direction that your life takes. Fact.   Your values will influence your decisions...

“(Alex) has an ability to guide her clients in a positive, fun-filled, and passionate way that makes speaking with her a delight. She helped me design a daily intention that I still use to get my head on straight in the mornings.”

Lori, mother of 2 and founder of mindful return & Director, Hospital & GME Payment Policies, AAMC

Based on trust and connection, (Alex) challenged me to clarify my thoughts and define my actions to become more balanced, and to experience freedom and flexibility around being a mom, wife, and woman…”

Sandra, mother of 2 and Life Coach

“Being a mother herself, Alex understands what moms need — support, understanding, someone to acknowledge their hard work and someone to give them tools they can use to grow and evolve as mothers, women, partners and people.”

Vanessa, mother of 2 and Marketing Director