This year’s going to be different, I say to myself.

I’m not going to run myself ragged.

I’m not going say “yes” when I mean “no”.

I’m not going to find myself too tired to cuddle and listen (really listen) at the end of the day.

I’m not going to fill my weekends with to do’s, instead of kicking the ball around, creating art or building a fort in the basement.


This year I’m going to keep my mind clear, my calendar spacious and myself present for the people I love the most.


Sure I’ll be busy (that’s my nature, after all)

But I won’t be frazzled or rushed.

I’ll enjoy the busy.

Because in the busy, I’ll be enjoying doing what I love, and connecting to those I love.

This is what I promised myself a few years back.

It may sound simple to slow down, but with three kids, a traveling hubby and a business to run, it wasn’t.

But guess what? With a few ups and downs along the way, I did it!

And now I have tools, tricks and strategies to share so that you can too.

I’ve had so many clients who are seriously committed, compassionate and clever mothers; women who are brilliant at so many things.

These incredible women are accomplished, creative and efficient individuals, but still find themselves unable to manage their energy and time in a way that helps them to do what they love with who they love.

Their mind is frazzled.

Their time is rushed.

And worst of all, they are distracted from connecting truly-madly-deeply with those they love. Their quality of life has dwindled since motherhood came along.

These Moms know they need to step off that hamster wheel and shift out of autopilot mode, but no matter how hard they try, the to do list grows and grows heavier and heavier.

Time, where does it go?!

The hamster wheel spins faster and faster and they can’t get off, finding themselves paralyzed under the spell of overwhelm. So the go-go-going continues and becomes a lifestyle.

Today I’m announcing the beautiful opportunity (the legitimate excuse and accountability forum) that will help you to get off that hamster wheel.

Nobody deserves this exhausting way of life, let alone a dear Mama. That’s why I’ve created the CLEAR MIND | PRESENT MAMA challenge.

The Clear Mind | Present Mama Challenge is designed to  help busy Moms ditch overwhelm, avoid burnout and mindfully manage their precious energy and time. I created it wanting to help moms stop feeling frazzled and frustrated, to clear and organize their minds and create a sense of ownership over their energy and time. All of this so that they can be present for those they love most (themselves included!).

And to start of 2017 with a bang (a gentle, calm and sweet bang!), I’m launching a new and improved version of the Challenge!!

It’s the New Year after all – a time to STOP, BREATHE and bring a fresh start to motherhood.Click To Tweet

So starting January 9th, I’m bringing mothers together to ditch overwhelm, create headspace, own our time and start loving life again. In 5 sweet days, we are going to create a life where we do more of what we love with those we love.

Each day, you’ll get an email from me with a short podcast and inspired action step. You can also interact with me through Facebook Live daily to ask any questions or share any challenges. And by the end of the week, you’ll have all the tools you need to be a clear minded and present Mama.

Join me now by signing up for the CLEAR MIND | PRESENT MAMA challenge– it’s totally free!

So bring on the New Year, it’s gonna be a mother of a 2017!