There are two times of the year when I naturally feel like a new beginning is upon me. The Start of a School Year for my kiddos and the Start of a New Calendar Year.

I love these times of year – invitations to start afresh.

For me this looks like diving deep into my values and reflecting on the pace I want to set for the coming months.

It’s about integrating these values and pace into our family calendar and my business goals! It’s fun. A bit like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.


Yet this year, this new start has a deeper meaning.


Sure, it feels far more new as our family is in a new city and country, with a new culture, language to explore and so many exotic experiences to be had!

But the freshness of this new beginning goes even beyond that.

It goes beyond cultural newness, adaptation and celebration.


This new beginning is about settling into a new way of being and belonging.

A way of being that explores and models what I want for myself, for my family, for my community, and for the world.

A way of being that embraces healing and growth.

A new way of belonging as an active citizen in this world.


Because, let’s face it, that’s all what We and our Precious World need right now!

Healing. Growth.

It’s Time.

Astrologically speaking we have had 2 eclipses in the past month. Jennifer Racioppi – my go-to astrologist guru) explains that eclipses represent times of change and transformation.

Lunar eclipses, like the one we had on August 7th, reveal our blind spots, while solar eclipses, like the one on the 21st, initiate new cycles of growth.

While this is a wild time politically (to say the least), it’s also a potent time. It offers a moment where we get to choose who we become, what we move towards, the ideology we embrace, and how we show up for the world (and ourselves)..

She sees it as “a potent opportunity to declare intentions for our spiritual development, health goals, professional ambitions and deep desires for the world around us.”

These eclipses (and the other shit that is going on out there) have hit me like a ton of bricks. (You can read about this here and here).

The moon, sun, stars and move have pushed me into a space of healing and growing – as a mother, wife, woman, entrepreneur. (I wonder if you are feeling the same in your world? If yes, please hop on over to my Facebook page and share where you are at.)

This week feels like it marks a fresh New Start that feels both frightening and exciting at the same time.

Next steps??

Well…in the past (i.e., last week), I would dive headfirst into this newness. With haste. Without pause.


But this time I really want this journey of healing and growth to be grounded in clarity and with that, strengthened authenticity and intuition.


No rush. Little distraction. I want to listen to the wisdom that lies in here and out there, and move forward accordingly.


The World deserves my clarity of intention, an energized and open heart and mind. From here will come my contribution to change.

World, u deserve clarity of intention, energized + open hearts + minds. From here will come my contribution 2 change.

This means taking time to declutter my mind, let go of all that is not serving me (here’s a great post on that by the clever Danielle LaPorte) AND getting clear on where I’m going.

And guess how I’m going to do that??

You got it…a LIVE deep round of the Stress Less | Love More Challenge (which I secretly call the Get Your Sh*T Together & Breathe Challenge).

I’ll be starting this live round, with a deeper edge on September 6th.

Join the Stress Less | Love More Challenge, starting September 6th.

Last week I wrote that too many mothers are weighed down by the emotional and logistical burden that unnecessarily defines modern motherhood.

I mentioned that our stress and mental mess is getting in the way of clarity, positive energy, confidence, joy and love. It’s negatively influencing the way we relate to those you love, the way we relate to the world, and the way we relate to ourselves.

To be the warriors the World needs right now, we to realign ourselves with all of the above – for our world, for our children.

Like now.

Warrior Mamas, realign yourself w clarity, positive energy, confidence, joy & love. Like. Now.


The Stress Less | Love More Challenge is a first step in doing this.

So, if you’re keen on taking a first step in standing solidly in your authenticity and intention.

If you are ready to declutter the crap that gets in the way of feeling bold and confident in raising conscious, intentional human beings (who will ultimately take us forward towards the light), then take this first step and join me.

It’s free. And it’s fun.

Before I sign off, I want to highlight two things…

The first is a promise: I promise that this 5-day Challenge is not a sales gimmick. It’s not a way of sneaking a sales pitch onto you. But it is a way of you getting to know me. And, I hope, a way of me getting to know you (especially via the Facebook Group). If you like what you get from the Challenge, and you want to go further with this work, then I want you to know now that I will invite you to apply for the program that I’m dreaming up. You can read a little bit about it, here. If you have already expressed interest, then I’ll be reaching out to you separately.

The second thing I want to say here, is that while this round of the Challenge will be based on the same material as previous rounds, this time I’m going to go deeper and push you (and myself) further. I really want us to find that clarity, open our hearts and be bold with our boundaries. Together.

It’s going to be goooood! Get ready for the ride beautiful!


Join the Stress Less | Love More Challenge, starting September 6th.

P.S. As always, I’m super grateful when you share my work with other Mamas. Simply forward the link for this blog to them or click on one of the social media buttons below to spread the word. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

P.P.S. I’m excited to say that I’ve been invited on a couple of Podcasts lately that have been SUPER FUN! Check out The Nurtured Mama Podcast with Lindsey Stenovec and the Joyful Courage Podcast with Stacey O’Roarty. It’s GREAT listening fun!

P.P.P.S. I’m going LIVE on Facebook at 8pm next Tuesday the 28th for a Q&A Session on Everything Momstress-related. What are the biggest challenges you are grappling with right now as a Mama? How can you manage the stress and/ or the hot head moments? Send me your questions, here or join me LIVE. I’m psyched!!

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The World deserves my clarity of intention, an energized and open heart and mind. From here will come my contribution to change.Click To Tweet