When Jennifer Racioppi (one of my favorite Astrologists) invited me to explore the dominant story that unfolded in my life since Saturn entered Sagittarius in 2014 I jumped in full throttle.

Over the past three years, the planet of lessons and karma (Saturn) entered a space defined by the quest for freedom, the ability to be bold, blunt, and to speak the truth​ (Sagittarius)​. Hands down, this period marked the most meaningful and significant transition in my life.

A poetic summary.


I learned (and slowly accepted) that my mother’s life was ending.


I sat with her, held her hand throughout her journey. And when she passed on, I felt a darkness, a loneliness I had never known before.

The most difficult period of my life. No comparison.

During her dying days, I was held by friendship and love.

Always accompanied by a spirit and strength she endowed me with.


But with any death, there is a rebirth. (Or so I was to learn.)

And so slowly. Organically. I was reborn.

If honored mindfully, death and illness offer us the gift perspective.

We are reminded how precious each and every moment of life is.

How sacred love is.


And how neither of these can be experienced if we don’t honor our truth.

So as we close this three year cycle where life lessons, karma, quest for freedom, the ability to be bold, blunt, and to speak the truth​…

after much pain,

a rebirth, wake-up call and invitation to expand in mySELF,

I find myself stepping more and more towards honoring my truth.


In wordplay summary, the bulk of this three-year cycle has been about:


Death. Loss. Pain.

Grey. Loneliness.


Rebirth. Awakening. Expansion.


Culminating in a spark of changes in the recent months that involved:

Letting Go while Staying Connected.

Moving while Staying Grounded.

Manifesting:  Healing Space and unspoken dreams.

Spiritual Growth and Feminine Power.


The end of 2017 finds me in a place of self-knowing that I’ve never experienced before.

And I’m learning that self-knowing combined with integrity results in an intuitive drive to realign.

And then to check-in. Re-adjust. And realign once more.

And again.


Not a static process.

It is a dynamic (and rather messy) dance that is full of experimentation and self-doubt.


None of this is a choice. Not for me anyway.

Sometimes I wish I could get off this personal growth path, and stop the introspection and reflection. I wish I could just live life without so many questions.

But I can’t.

Apparently I’m a seeker – always looking to be and do a more authentic and conscious version of mySELF.

And when I’m in a good place, I know that even if I could, I wouldn’t change my seeker’s journey towards a more heightened place of consciousness and acceptance and love for anything in the world.


Beautiful YOU, I know that sometimes as mothers we feel like we are going nowhere. Like we are stuck in the mundane of the here and now.  As if life and personal growth were on pause.

But if you are a seeker, know that there is nothing further from the truth.

Motherhood. Daughterhood. Partnerhood. This IS THE JOURNEY. Click To Tweet

The mess. The stress. The stories. The songs. The conjugal arguments. The hot head moments. The sibling wrestling matches. The “no more screen” yells. The laundry. The cuddles. The births. The deaths. The flus. The friendships. THIS IS IT, Mama. This IS THE JOURNEY.

And because this is the journey, it is important – no, critical! – to create space and time to reflect on our inner world journeys. To explore the richness of intimate hills and valleys of our minds, hearts ands souls.

My kids are 13, 10 and 7 and I have carved out time to do this sort of thing, but even if your kids are little, I invite you to do as much introspection and reflection as your time and space allow.


Because it invites a higher sense of consciousness within you…it reminds you that you are more than just a mother or wife or friend. And this is a gift – for you. For your family.

Going inward and visiting yourSELF reminds you of the value in life’s challenges, of your resilience, spirit and strength. And as a Mama, I promise that you have all 3 in great abundance!

It is a practice that also invites you to acknowledge the truth: that you an incredible woman learning and navigating and dancing this life dance. And that with each experience is an amazing gift and opportunity to expand in consciousness.

So here’s to our journeys as seekers, Mama!

May 2018 grant you with a big YES to take the time and space to visit and nurture your beautiful life-giving soul!

With love and acknowledgment as we transition into a New Year,

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