The REALness of motherhood happened to me like a bomb raid happens to a small village of civilians.

Like osmosis, my friends’ pregnancies were making me broody.

I wanted to start a family so badly.

It would be easy.

I would pop my child onto my back and continue living as I always had.


Wrong answer


When motherhood came, it chewed me up, swallowed me whole and then spit me out as a new unrecognisable, mad, crazy woman.

And there I was MAD with an adopted toddler and a newborn in arm.

We received our adoption authorisation ten days before I found myself pregnant.

Mia came to us in February and Oriol was born in August.

In September we moved from Mozambique, in Southern Africa, to England for my husband’s job.


Yes, the move was a major stressor.

But it was really the weight of my responsibility, and lack of freedom as I had understood it that drove me into madness.

It was the sudden sense of dependence on my husband and lack of financial autonomy that I had known.

It was the isolation from friends and social events that had been such an active part of my life.

It was the confusion, the exhaustion, the frustration, the guilt, the overwhelm of it all.


And whether or not you adopted, gave birth, and moved internationally or not, experience and research tells me that these are all feelings that many mothers experience.


The myth.

The romantic myth that motherhood is blissful.

It did not take very long for that myth to come crashing down on my sanity and self-confidence.


Books and mothering mentors became my salvation as I slowly found my way in the crazy land of guilt-induced SHOULDS and NEVER ENOUGHS.


Clarity and confidence being a stay-at-home Mom surfaced within me at about the same time as regular sleeping habits did. (Funny that?)


And then I had to return to work, and a new journey started. (Click here to read about that crazy ride!)


When do the challenges of mothering subside?


It’s now over 7 years down the road and I can honestly tell you that the challenges don’t go away.

Challenges and their gorgeous learning opportunities simply evolve.mindful 2


If you’re ready to release resistance and take the REALness of motherhood on with all your heart and soul, you too will evolve and grow.


Take that first step and join me in turning your challenges, doubts and frustrations into learning and growth opportunities along this incredible motherhood journey, sign up below.