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Today I write with an invitation to do some self-reflection… I want you to ask yourself how you feel about who you are as a mother and woman in today’s crazy World.

  • Does the pace of life, the overwhelm, the worry and mom-stress get in the way of you being the mother you want to be?
  • Do you struggle between getting it all done and being present for your children?
  • Do you worry about how to talk to your kids about all the sh*t that’s going on?
  • Do you suffer from Mama-guilt and a constant nagging that you aren’t enough?
  • Do you find yourself 100% caring for the needs of others, while ignoring your own?
  • Do you feel exhausted, frustrated and resentful a lot of the time?
  • Maybe you feel alone? Maybe a bit out of control?

I ask you these questions because not too long ago, my answer to all of these questions was a sad, yes 🙁

And it sucked. It sucked for me. It sucked for my kids. It sucked for my husband.

Other mothers I spoke with when my kids were little reconciled to a lot of it. Just the way we might say: “boys will be boys” or “que sera sera”, these mothers reconciled themselves to the overwhelm, self-sacrifice and martyrdom that defined their lives as something inevitable.

I am stubborn and a bit of a rebel though, and I did not reconcile. Over the years I kept chugging along, uphill, against the grain to find another way of doing motherhood.

Therapists, coaches, workshops, courses, mama groups, books and blogs all helped as I sought out my own unique path.

Along this meandering rather messy but incredibly fulfilling path

  • I learned to ditch overwhelm and own my energy and time
  • I learned to manage my Mama-guilt (and stop it from dominating me!)
  • I learned to shed light on many subconcious limiting what-it-means-to-be-a-good-mother beliefs, and learned to start believing that who I am is enough!
  • I learned to honour who I am – truly, madly, deeply (including my needs, desires and dreams)
  • And I learned to integrate guilt-free soul nourishing self-care into my life.

The more I engage with mothers from my community, the more I see value in sharing this path in community.

Nobody ever taught me to be the mother I want to be. And I’m guessing that nobody taught you either.

Many of our daily choices as mothers are driven by subconscious beliefs defining what it means to be a good mother (and wife). Beliefs that it is our job to do it all, to do it perfectly, and to do it with little support.

This often leaves us exhausted, overwhelmed, full of self-doubt and disempowered as women. It also leaves us showing up as tired, distracted, frustrated and resentful in front of our children.

A little over a year ago this was important enough because it sucked for us and for our families. But since, the world has entered into crisis (in my mind anyway), my calling to support women who mother feels more urgent.

Why? Because more than ever today’s crazy world needs women who practice and teach emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Mothers who know inner peace so they can extend it outward.

Our beautiful World needs women who are bold and confident and ready to model the change they want to see in the world – for themSELVES, for their kiddos and for our common future!

This is why I created In Essence Collective.

To support mothers like you to find your clarity, your calm and your confidence. To find yourSELVES and the courage to step into the shape of your gorgeous souls – as mothers, women, and global citizens.

If this resonates and you answered yes to any of the questions above, then please consider joining the In Essence Collective.

Because the truth is, we are not meant to mother in isolation. Or in stress. We are meant to mother in community. Held gently and guided with love by other women and, by our own essential wisdom.

“How on this beautiful Earth will I add this to my already busy life?” you ask.

I hear you and I’ve worked very hard to make In Essence Collectiveits material and its delivery – work for you.

Here’s how…

  1. It’s affordable. $20/ month (the cost of one yoga class!)
  2. The material is accessible in audio and video so that you can watch or listen to it anywhere and at your own rhythm…the pick up line, the commute to work, while folding laundry, etc…
  3. We will focus on what you need and want to work on. I’ve got a lot of ideas on what to focus on (see list below). However, as we evolve as a Collective, the material will come from you – your questions, your doubts, your challenges. As you evolve, so too will our topics of focus.
  4. The material is curated so that each month has a thematic focus that we can work on together AND you don’t have to scroll Facebook or google until you find that perfect blog on the topic.
  5. You will only get 2 from your coach emails and one “how to” tutorial per month – no email overwhelm. You can read, listen or watch these at your own convenience.
  6. Coaching integration exercises will be simple and do-able – perfect for the busy Mama.
  7. You will get live coaching once per month! Yes, an online live group coaching call with me is included in the $20.
  8. And, of course, we will share conversations, inspiration and resources in our Private Facebook Group as well as in our own one-stop-shop Resource Library.
  9. Plus we’ll bring in wise women to guide us along the way! I’ll be calling out to mothers from outside our circles with experience and expertise to share their wisdom in our Mama Wisdom interview series.

What I’m trying to create here is a non-judgemental ever-supportive modern Mama circle where the support that you need comes to you, when and how you need it.

Below is a list of what we’ll be focusing on, but of course, other challenges and topics that come from our membership can be added to the list…

Less Mess. Less Stress. Learn to ditch overwhelm, declutter and simplify your world so that you can do more of what you love with who you love.

Self-Honoring Organization. Design and build the scaffolding and structure you need in your world to support YOU to move those Mama mountains you move, every single day with ease and grace.

Mind Clarity. Create headspace that makes energized, intentional efficient living possible.

Hot Head Management. Learn to go from hot headed disconnected reactions to heartcentered responses using easy-to-use emotional intelligence and mindfulness strategies and tools.

Mom-Guilt. Learn to navigate this big nasty so that it helps us expand (versus shrink) in ourselves and live in alignment with our priorities.

Self Loving Awareness. Learn what drives our subconscious choices, actions and reactions as a Mama. Befriend, neutralize and disempower your negative self-talking saboteur so that you can hear your inner essence speak its truth.

Beautiful Boundaries. Learn to align your choices and actions with your priorities and values. Heal shoulditis and too nice syndrome. Learn to say yes to what feeds your soul. And to say NO to what doesn’t.

Loving Up You. Loving Up Life. Learn to practice guilt-free soul nourishing self-care so that you can feel and be like the woman that you truly madly deeply are. Life will never feel this good!


I’m sooo excited about this new adventure and hope that you will join me in the Collective so that we can learn a new way of doing (being) motherhood together!

Remember, only $20 per month (and you can leave the Collective whenever it stops meeting your needs.)

You can visit the webpage here or click here to go ahead and join straight away.

Registration closes on October 11th at 12 noon EST. That is in one week from today.

Mama’s we need a tribe! A tribe that lifts us up into our own essence and wisdom.

Let’s make it happen! Together!

One more time 😉 here’s the website and registration link.

Hugs and can’t wait to see you in the Collective!