You may have noticed that I haven’t written in a while. Well, today I finally find myself with the headspace to share some news.

BIG news.

Drumroll please…My Family is being posted to Brasilia for 2-3 years.

Yes, it’s true.

You may (or may not) know that moving is very familiar to me (and my family). But this move came as a surprise.

I mean we just moved into our new home last August (yes, less than one year ago, but who’s counting?). I had counted on a good, oh, decade+ to settle in before our next move.

But the Universe has another adventure in store. An adventure that, after much consideration, we have decided to embark on.

Notice how I said embark on and not embrace.

Because, truth be told I’m just too full of conflicting feelings and scattered mind-is-fullness to “embrace” anything at the moment.

I’m sad to leave my friends. I’m not looking forward to be on my own in a new foreign land. I’m sad for my children, dreading their goodbye’s and the emotional tsunami that will come during the uprooting of all their worlds.

I’m scared that they won’t adjust. That they will resent us forever. That so many moves in their few years will scar them forever.

And deep below all of these feels is a little light of excitement (often disguised as anxiety). A tiny burst that lives deep in my gut only showing itself shyly every once in a while.

And at the same time there is soooooo much to do. My “to do” list has grown exponentially – preparing this house for rental, renting it (anybody know a nice family interested in living in DC for 2-3 years…great schools, steps to metro??), finding a house and securing school placements in Brasilia, the medical forms, the moving inventory…

This on top of the usual end-of-the-school-year crazy time.

Deep breathing.

The good news is that I am still sane.

And as my dear teacher, Danielle Laporte, says: it is for these times that we practice.

We practice mindfulness. We practice kindness with self. It is this practice that offers us the emotional resilience we need. For these times.

So, I’ve upped the self-care ante. Swimming, meditation and therapeutic girl time have become a priority. Big time.
It’s keeping me grounded. It’s keeping me real.

Clear mind and open heart, that’s what I’m going for. Staying connected with the littles and my man. Because he’s my rock right now. (And I really need a rock!)

And because the kiddos are about to become emotional time bombs and I want to be ready.
Regularly family meetings. Lots of cuddle time. Essential oil rituals. And regular talks with my parenting coach.


And the biz….

Well, I’m not willing to stop completely (because it does feed my soul after all) But I’m being real about it and know that I will need to slow down. You may hear from me a little less often…

But here is what you can expect over the summer from me:

Summer Parenting Tips Series. A delicious series of summer interviews with some of my favorite mama supporters and parenting coaches for you. So watch this space.

I will also be dipping into my Stress Less | Love More Facebook Group to stay sane, answer questions and share any of the tips I’m using myself (in writing and on FB Live). This is also the place you can get your questions answered! If you haven’t joined that fabulous community yet, please do. You can click here to request membership (it’s free).

And I’m hoping that in August or September, I will be ready to start a new Calm Mom Project and take on a couple of Private clients. And come October, it’s Mom’s UP! Retreat time, when I’ll fly back to Meadowkirk, VA to gather with a small group of 14 women for the weekend (registration opened today – check it out!).


Clear Mind.
Open Heart.

Here we go!

Wish me luck