I am not religious.

I prefer to think of myself as agnostic.


I do believe in spirit

That there is more to us than meat and bones

That there is more to living than survival.


I believe in Buddhist principles

And I hold nature in reverence.


I guess I’m somewhere between Buddhist and Pagan.

A Pagan Buddhist?

Still working it out, really.


So at this time of year, while our family does follow a tradition of celebrating the magical coming of the man in the red coat, the giving and receiving of gifts, the practicing gratitude and appreciating abundance

I also like to look at what nature has to teach us on a more personal level

I want to explore how, through simple rituals, I can connect to nature more meaningfully.


Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice – a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

And so I’ve done a bit of research…


One ancient definition of the word Solstice is “standing still sun”.

It is the shortest day of the year, the longest night.

Some ancient cultures designed rituals to urge the light to return, to be reborn.






I am in Mexico as you read this

On a small island

Worshiping the sun.


I will take a moment tomorrow to thank this bright star for warmth, light and life.

I will take a moment to consider what rebirth and transformation I look forward to in its next Solar cycle of 2016.

And I will continue to seek and celebrate life’s sweet and simple treasures – all made possible by the glorious sun.


I invite you to take that intentional, meaningful moment to celebrate light and life and upcoming transformations in whatever way resonates with you, Mama.


Happy Winter Solstice!