Labor Day weekend huh?

I wish I could say something profound about it but I can’t. No particular family traditions or rituals. No particular memories.

What I can say is that it marks the end of one season and the beginning of another and for many, it marks the start of the school year (this used to be true for me).

But this is not the case for us anymore…my kids go back to school in August. This feels so weird and I think it has thrown me off a little bit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we were WAY READY to put on our school shoes and get back into the groove. (At least I was!)

But somehow it didn’t feel quite right for the kids to be going to school in D.C.’s blazing August heat before the 3-day weekend.

Today, with the temperature dropping and just a hint of Fall in the air, it feels right. It feels like the school season is upon us.

Like the season is ready for kids to head back indoors.

But I digress…

Because irrespective of when your family switches from summer to school, it takes time to settle.

And it is only now, after a few weeks into the school year that I’m cueing back into a sense of calm.

The supplies are in. The routines are rollin’. And there is a sense of settling. A feeling of landing into something new.

And that new feels good. Feels fresh.

And I don’t know if it was my crazy outburst a few weeks back (you can read about that if you click here) or the new house or having back the space and routine that I inherently (desperately?) need, but I’m feeling just that little bit closer to fine with life.

So if you are in the throws of going back to school…rushing around with what can be a super emotional transition, then I invite you to take a deep breath and know that it is going to be all just fine.

That the supplies you have (or almost have) are good enough, that being late on the first day is ok, that your lunches (or hot school lunches) rock.

That kids are resilient, that teachers are well meaning, that they will all settle in well enough.

That you are a good good Mom however you are feeling about it all.

And that they know you love them and that you are doing your best.

So take a moment over this Labor Day weekend to pat yourself on the back for holding their hand, for worrying, for setting life up as best you can and for simply being you.

You are AMAZING.

Here’s to a sweet September, Mama!

x, Alex