The more work I do with mothers, the more I recognize that beneath it all – beneath the crazy-busy, beneath the frustration, beneath the yells – is this super strong fear that we will fail as mothers…that we will fail our children, our partners and ourselves.

Maybe we are terrified (consciously or subconsciously) that we are repeating patterns we experienced in our childhood.

Maybe we are scared we are scarring out little ones (the way we were scarred??) with the “mistakes” we make.

Whatever it is, we are fearful that if we get it wrong, we will fail.

So for Mother’s day I want to give you the gift of Truth.

I want to invite you to embrace the truth behind this fear.

I want to remind you that this fear of failure is actually a beautiful thing.


Yes, this fear is effectively the flip side of a coin.

What lies on the other side of that coin, beautiful {{ subscriber.first_name }}?

Well…on the other side of that coin is a deep love and commitment.

Because if you didn’t love and commit to being the best mother you can be, you wouldn’t care enough to be scared. You wouldn’t worry about failing.

So on this Mother’s day I want you to remember that your fear of failure, your drive to “get it right” is a gift…a gift that gives you the impetus to take the steps necessary to learn to mother with clarity and open-heartedness.

I’ve put together some words that can support you in your journey – a journey that I want you to embrace with self-love.

My gift to you is the knowledge that you can and you will survive, learn, evolve, strengthen, grow, succeed and love in and through this journey. You can and you will and your children can and will, too!

A mantra to hold you up and keep you focused.

You can click here to download this mantra. It is for you to print out and put somewhere to remind yourself of what you can and will do as a Mama.

May today be a day of celebrating yourSELF truly, madly and deeply! May you take the energy and time to honor what you can and will do, just by being you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love and admiration for who you are and what you do,

xx Alex