Last night I lay in bed.

It had been a rough day.

An anger moment with my husband.

A feeling of being undervalued by my daughter.

And lots to do before I close “shop” before the long weekend.


I was tired but my mind was buzzing.


Meanwhile, humming around at the back of my mind was this wonderful message I’d heard from the famous Brené Brown:

There is no joy, without gratitude, she had said.


And so, in my desperate pursuit for joy last night

I decided to start practicing gratitude.

To give it a go, anyway.


I snuggled into bed and got comfortable.

I switched the light off.

I ignored my husband’s snores.

I lay on my back, focusing on the weight of my body on the mattress.

I placed one hand on my heart.

I placed the other on my belly.

And I began…

I said to myself:


I am grateful for this mattress.

I am grateful for my husband’s warm body.

I am grateful for his love.

I am grateful for his commitment to me.

I am grateful for his commitment to this family.

I am grateful for his steady job.

I am grateful that he likes his job.


I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for my body.

For its energy.

For its strength.

For every single cell that works for me every single day.


I am ever so grateful for my children.

Their health.

Their curiousity.

Their forgiveness.

Their love.

Their cuddles.

Their teachings.


I am grateful for the work I love.

I am grateful for the women I come to get to know through this work

Their trust.

Their hearts.

Their commitment.

Their teachings.

Their warmth.

Their friendship.


I am grateful for the house.

I am grateful for the school.

I am grateful…

I am grateful…

I am grateful..


And as I went on, I felt warmer, bathed in this sense of safe sweet security.

There was no doubt about it.

It was joy.


I mean how lucky am I?


Sure, shit happens.

Life is tough.

Motherhood can suck.

Being a wife can suck even more.


But there is always always always something to be grateful for.

And isn’t it amazing that when we are

Perspective shifts

And joy comes.


Take some time to practice gratitude this weekend, Mom.

You may be tired.

You may be annoyed.

You may even feel resentful (for having done it all, or for having put up with more than you needed to)


But know that you can do this.

You can bring the joy back in.

You can feel it.


Because ultimately there is more of the big stuff to celebrate.

And more little stuff to let slide.


One hand on heart.

Other hand on belly.

Breath and be grateful, Mama.


Wishing you all a Thanksgiving laced with love, laughter and JOY,