Whenever I put something together for Mamas, I always ask myself WHY. Why is this important? What is this going to do for them that is different, or unique? How is this part of my bigger mission to empower mother?

And so, when Pleasance Silicki and I started flying high on this pie-in-the-sky idea of a soul nourishing yoga – coaching retreat for Moms, I thought it’d be important to bring myself down to earth – to ground myself in the WHY.

The thing is that motherhood has been a hard ride for me.

I went into it literally believing that I could pop the kids into a baby carrier and continue my high flyin’ type-A lifestyle.

Nobody could be more wrong.

Becoming a mother turned me upside down and inside out.

It took me to my highest highs {I mean does anybody know that can love quite that much!?}

And it took me to my lowest lows {…or yell that much?!}


I didn’t take care of myself for YEARS. I consequently got sick, became chronically anxious, a stress case, disconnected from what was important to me, started to hate my life

Didn’t really know my kids. {That’s 3 years of early childhood rearing in a nutshell. Ouch.}

So…why Mom’sUP!?

For any mother who’s out there, sitting in that place that I was or, on the edge of that place. I want to offer a space, place, time to step out of it. To reflect on it all.

On the challenges we ALL face

On the stuff we want to wake up grateful for

On who we were

On who we are

On who we want to be

I want us to reconnect with that woman - mind, body and soul.Click To Tweet

Yoga was part of that journey for me, coaching was part of that journey for me,

  • Meditation
  • Nature
  • Community
  • Friends
  • Inspiring women.

All of this gorgeous stuff is what Mom’s UP! is about.

It is something I wish I’d had, Something I wish I’d done. Something I know would have made me a happier woman. A kinder partner. A more loving mother. A person who lived more in alignment with her values.

It is an honor and delight to co-host this 3-day event with the lovely yogini, author and teacher Pleasance Silicki.

If you feel yourself nearing that lowest point a little too often, and want to be lifted UP, please please please consider this as a gift to yourself, and an investment in your motherhood journey.

You are SO totally worth it!Click To Tweet

When these beautiful gifts of re-treat are offered to me now, I receive graciously. This was not always the way. I used to hum and haw about it

The indecision was excruciating: It’s so expensive. It’s a whole weekend away. And the ultimate question beneath all of these doubts was one of self-worth.

Was I worth it?

Today, after seeing the value of investing in ME.

The importance of putting mySELF first {every once in a while}

The positive impact is has on my own personal growth {YES!}

But also on my relationships with those I love

I know that the answer is always YES.

YES, it is worth it.

YES, I am worth it.

YES, my family is worth it.

And YES, you are worth it, too.