So Mother’s Day has come and gone.

For many of my Mama friends, this day is not a big deal.

They treat it almost as another family Sunday – designed mostly for their children. 

A bouquet and a card followed by soccer games and playdates…

I can’t quite get into the swing of that.

Perhaps I am too selfish. 

Perhaps I take motherhood more seriously than most – as something SO important to our world, our future celebration. 

Something SO worth celebrating.

I mean sure, it’s become overly commercialized.

And sure, it might even feel boring for the kids.

But I absolutely REFUSE to downplay it.

This is not “no big deal”.

Who you have become as a mother,

And what you do each and every day is not “no big deal”.

It is a HUGE ASS deal!

{Just think about how it leaves you at the end of each day!}

The thing is that this day comes around only once each earthly solar cycle.

Truthbomb: Mother’s Day comes once each year.
It is one day.  One of 365.

So, in some ways Mother’s Day can easily be treated as a retreat or a weekly yoga class. 

It is a moment in time that is separated from others, with clear boundaries. 

And just like when you get home from that retreat or that yoga class, that feeling of bliss evaporates. 

You land back into the old grind. 

You stop feeling acknowledged and celebrated – by others and by yourself.

Don’t get me wrong…that retreat and yoga class is a must. 

The annual celebration is key. 

It is a reminder of what it should be like more often.

{Dare I say EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ?!}

A well deserved moment of bliss. 

A much needed refill. 

And while I know that just getting to these fill-my-bucket events can be hard enough.

I also know that the real challenge lies in integrating the feelings these moments of acknowledgment and celebration bring into your daily life.  

Finding calm in the chaos. 

Finding marvel in the madness. 

Creating joy in the jungle {because it can feel like a jungle}. 

This is what my work is all about.  

Making one day last…

So…I am super excited to be hopping on the  Mother’s Day bandwagon {with a bag of fireworks, dark chocolate and cocktails!}  and dedicating the month of May to help you to start finding and/ or creating moments of calm inner peace and joy in your daily life. There will be more gifts to come, but for now I want to spread the I’m a MAMA who knows, loves and celebrates herSELF magic by offering you my upgraded Calm Mom Toolkit!

This practical Toolkit includes:

  • The ABCs of Hot Head Moments – 26 calm-down-now tips for busy moms in a simple put-on-your-fridge pdf 
  • My Three Simple Strategies to Joyful Calm – an eGuide that provides you with practical steps to help you integrate strategies into your life.
  • Mama’s Daily Confidence Boost – one of my favorite guided meditations I use with my Private clients. It will help you to connect with your inner voice of wisdom. Used daily, you will notice some major shifts in the way you respond to life’s mother challenges.

Click here to access my {free} mother’s day month gift to you, marvelous Mama. 

I encourage you to open it up today but then keep it at arm’s reach, scheduled in for you to integrate into your daily life. 

Take it, USE IT and enJOY it!

I want you to begin feeling good about being who you are as a Mom – today and everyday!

My only small request is that you share this gift with some friends by clicking here… Please help me to spread the love and to help mother’s find more marvel in the muddle of motherhood today (and through May). Hey, that rhymes!

Wishing you a month that marks the beginning of some self-celebrating rituals you can use to love yourself up regularly! You’re AWESOME and SO TOTALLY DESERVE IT.

Happy Mother’s Day Month!