Why does motherhood feels so damn hard?

I’ve been working with a small group of women over at the In Essence Collective to better understand why our personal motherhood journeys and experiences can leave us on our knees by the time Thursday comes around.

I figure that if awareness is the first step towards sustainable change and if we want to do motherhood differently, we need to understand why we are doing it the way we are doing it right now.

So, I’ve pulled together a mini guided experience process that will help us do just that. It is essentially made up of few introspective questions  that will help us to better understand why we “mother” the way we do, why this might feel so hard and what some initial steps might be to make it all feel just that little bit lighter and easier.


Is this for me?

The GETTING REAL ABOUT MOTHERHOOD (or GRAM) introspective experience is for mothers who are ready to shine a light on their herstory of values, shoulds and preconceptions about motherhood. It is for those who are open to taking a deep breath, pausing and shining a light on their beliefs, the shoulds they define and the choices and actions that they guide. This is an eye opening experience that will offer you a fresh self-owned start to mothering in a way that feels authentic and less heavy.

GRAM is essentially a set of 3 simple reflection worksheets that I’ll be posting once a week for the middle three weeks of November (it’s a great way to set yourself up for the holidays!). I’ll walk you through it via Facebook LIVE every week on Wednesday at 9am EST for each theme. We’re kicking it off next week, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8.

This, by the way, is a great resilience build-up and soul prep for the Holiday season – a time when we all succumb so easily to external values and shoulds and forget what we are truly madly deeply all about.

GRAM is a free guided experience that I honestly believe all mothers need to do.

If you find the motherhood thing hard, or if you’re hard on yourself as a mother, then join me and let’s take your first steps towards more ease, grace and authenticity.

Join here

I’ll be doing Facebook LIVE jams to walk you through the exercises, answer any questions you have and cheer you on.

Join in live, or do it at your own pace. Either way, be sure to grab all the free weekly downloads (because I may bundle this up and put it in my shop in the future. To be determined.)

I always use the Fall as my time to reflect on who I am and how I got here. This is a foundation for inviting awareness as I step into the Holidays AND the New Year. It’s an invitation for purpose and intentionality. So let’s get and do some reflecting TOGETHER – reflecting into ourSELVES so that we can then authentically STEP INTO OUR SOULS.

I’m super excited to put this out there, because in the crazy world, we need to question why we believe what we believe about our experience, and how this has influenced us; what’s worked, what hasn’t and how we’re going to create something better — for ourselves and for our families.

Awareness is power.

With acknowledgement and respect for all you do,


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