As host of the Find Balance | Feel Joy blog tour, I’ve been asking women I look up to, mothers that I admire {so very much!} to talk about balance and joy. Their heartfelt stories, words of wisdom and helpful tips have blown me away!

And now that it is my turn, I feel a deep and full appreciation for all their efforts,

Because while the words balance and joy feel sweet and simple to my ears, it ain’t no easy task to write about them.  Let alone practice!


When I think of the word balance, tree pose comes to mind.

But as I’ve written before, it is only those hyper evolved of the motherly species that can step into tree pose during a tantrum, a rushed house exit to the overlooked soccer game or play date pick up.

In a previous blog, I wrote on balance:

“My life challenges me to balance along multiple axis, moving forward in the complex and multi-faceted terrain of motherhood.

If you can imagine one of those circular balance boards with a pivoting round ball underneath it, challenged to stay on a tight rope that winds along a path, up and down through mountains and valleys with unexpected storms meeting me along the way.”

Balancing {a verb} can feel like navigating what feels like an obstacle course from a place of frazzle.

It isn’t easy {understatement}

And we sure know when it isn’t going well…But one sure sign that it is going ok, or at least good-enough, is when we notice those moments of joy throughout the day.

Balance feels like finding joy in that fleeting moment.


Hmmm… when I think of the word joy, I think of the sacred ordinary.

Meaningful moments of true connection – with those I love, with myself, with nature. Perhaps when I held my mother’s hand, kissed my man, cuddled a child.

Perhaps it was a loving gaze that held two hearts together, just for that moment. Shared laughter. That moment in the sea. In the forest. Or that lie-down in Central Park with dear friends.

So how do we do this whole balance and joy thing, then?

How do we find balance so that we can feel joy?

How do we make it part of the ordinary?

Or make the ordinary sacred?

In my experience, it is about staying connected with yourSELF – your inner wisdom, your energetic rhythms.

It is only from this place that you will draw your child near to you and ask them to listen to their heart, so that you can then teach them to see others’.

Or that you will naturally look at them with a gaze that says: “Come, dive into the safety of my gaze! I see you and love you will all your joys and your sorrows. I see the best in you!”  

And to do that, guess who has to come first?

You do!

Once you are well nourished and connected with yourSELF, your values become clear.

Because when you know what matters, defined boundaries that can be set and honored in a way that works for you and your family becomes easier.

And when we fall out of that tree pose? Off kilter? Out of balance? Well, in that moment, we pick ourselves up with kindness and compassion.

We embrace our imperfection.

We take that moment to tap, or to visualize and breath in our glorious MomSELF. we read an inspirational quote. We walk back into life with perspective and self-love.

We remind ourselves that saying YES to self-care is what we need right now. And that stopping busy and doing less is ok. {Good actually!}

Remembering that when we have a moment, we will schedule that yoga class, take that short nap, ask for help, light that candle, listen to that song.

We will make that serenity date with ourself.

We know to do this soul nourishing self-care, not only for ourselves but for those we love.

And we promise ourselves that we will continue to look for inspiration and guidance along this glorious muddled Mama path.

Because, hey, we are NOT alone. 

We are all in it together – imperfect and whole.

It is an honor to be in the company of the other blog tour contributors and write this for you, today.

With love & gratitude,