So at the beginning of every school year, my children are invited to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the year. This year, my daughter (she’s 10) had the privilege of stepping up on the podium at the Lincoln Memorial and sharing her hopes and dreams with her class. Her hope was to do better in math (so cute!)

photo credit: snarledskein

photo credit: snarledskein

It got me thinking…

I know I do what I do because it’s in my heart but what is my hope? my dream? my vision?

And what is the WHY behind that?

What is my envisioned contribution?

Some reflections:

photo credit: Bethany King

photo credit: Bethany King

We live in a city/ country/ world where mothers are increasingly pressured to do (and have) it all.

Yet in our struggle to do/ have it all, many of us are driven by to-dos, ticking boxes.

We lose sight of what brings us joy and fulfils us.

We lose perspective of what is most important in the here-and-now.

This is especially true for type-A personality women who aim to reach perfection as homemakers, professionals, mothers, wives, friends and community-builders.



In spreading ourselves thin, we crumble inside and become a shell of who we really are.

We do not live fulfilled, passionate lives of joy; and we do not live our potentials as creatrixes of gorgeous lives that we love.


What I want to do is to support mothers towards a different paradigm – a paradigm where mothers find a balance between that energetic drive to DO and a love of simply creating and BEing in moments of calm and joy (with or without kids!)


I believe that women are essentially fabulous.

When they authentically connect with their essence, they find their freedom, joy, sense of fulfillment and passion for living.

This energy permeates naturally to those around them, and, I believe will ultimately transform communities.


Because while motherhood often feels like a weight, it can also be viewed as a privileged position as social agents of change.

We are privileged in our influence.

Moms are CARE and LOVEgivers, as well as educators of the future generation!

And much of the way we influence is through osmosis.

Power and privilege, indeed.


photo credit: Bethany King

photo credit: Bethany King


To step into this with grace is not easy.

It might feel like an extra burden, now.


I invite you to see it as an opening to focus on YOU.

You teach your child by Being the way you want to BE, the way you want them to BE.

It’s about living in alignment with your values.

Now is the chance to BE the woman you want to BE.


So my hope, my dream is to contribute to a  global community of mothers living mindful and joyful lives that are guided by their essence – their essential vitality and radiance.

My hope and my dream is that through this value aligned, life-loving Mom community, a new generation of beings emerges with heightened consciousness of who they are, an inherent knowledge of what fulfils them and a passion for creating lives they love.


That’s all.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?