This Valentine’s Day week – in an era that I’ve heard referred to as the Age of Anger – ​I wanted to reach out to you to offer some true support in self-love. And while I know it may seem counter-intuitive to do what I’m going to do (after all this week is meant to be all about love and open hearts),  I’m going to do it anyway…

I’m going to offer you the gift of loving boundaries.

It is only when we learn to treat our self-protecting boundaries with honor and love that we become able to hold and have what it takes to be present and love others from the bottoms of our heart.

A first step in getting there is simply to start thinking about boundaries…to initiate that guilt-free self-loving conversation with yourself. 

In order to help you out with this, I recorded a call with the wonderful Pleasance Silicki on Monday that I want to share with you. You can simply click on the link, plug yourself in, grab a cup of tea (or keep on folding that pile of laundry) and listen in for some inspiration.

We take you through 5 basic steps to integrating healthy self-loving boundaries in your life.

  1. Connecting (reconnecting?) with your values
  2. Identifying the mismatch between those values and the choices and actions that you take on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.
  3. Holding that courageous and loving conversation with yourself and others about what changes need to be made to honor those values. Learning to say no to the zappers and yes to you, as a practice.
  4. Creating and experimenting with support systems that help you to honor the boundaries that hold up your values.
  5. Recognize that this whole boundary this is a journey – an ongoing challenge for all Mamas that we share!

This Loving Boundaries call was 45 minute in length, but I forgot to hit the record button so the replay is a bit shorter. Don’t worry though, you will still hear all the juicy bits in the replay!

And as an extra bonus, here are a few more fabulous video resources (both mentioned during the call)::  Brené Brown’s Boundaries, Empathy and Compassion and Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s On “The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting” | BUILD Series. ENJOY!!

Now’s the time to start this conversation, dear Mom.

Loving your boundaries – it’s the only way to be to keep the love coming and flowing, and changing this crazy world.



P.S. Loving Boundaries is a theme that beautifully dances its way through a new collaborative online program that we opened registration for on Valentine’s Day:: Mom’s UP! On-line program. You can learn more about it by visiting