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Making it last {bringing acknowledgment & celebration into our daily grind}

So Mother’s Day has come and gone. For many of my Mama friends, this day is not a big deal. They treat it almost as another family Sunday – designed mostly for their children.  A bouquet and a card followed by soccer games and playdates… I can’t quite get into the swing of that. Perhaps I am too selfish.  Perhaps I take motherhood more seriously than most – as something SO important to our world, our future celebration.  Something SO worth celebrating. I mean sure, it’s become overly commercialized. And sure, it might even feel boring for the kids. But I absolutely REFUSE to downplay it. This is not “no big deal”. Who you have become as a mother, And... read more

Morning stress and self-talk {muses on a hair flippin’ morning}

I was walking proud. I was feeling good. No, really good. It had been a no-scream, no fight morning. I’d just had a lovely time with my 7 year old boy during his class’ open house AND been stopped by a mother on the street and complimented on my blog. Every second Thursdays parents are invited to spend time with their kids in their classrooms. The children are so delighted to share their work. And although I often approach this opportunity as an inconvenience, I always end up appreciating the uninterrupted one-on-one time with my boy. It was one of those Thursdays. AND in addition to the successful open house, I had no post-morning guilt tainting my aura. That’s right.... read more

How to mindfully get your kid to sleep {managing evening thieves & sleep monsters}

It’s 8 o’clock p.m. and he’s not only wide awake, he’s excited. It’s 8:30 and not much has changed. It’s 8:45. He’s still awake and mildly charged. It’s 9. Oh my God! When will this end?! It’s 9:30. It’s official. He is evil. (And yes, he is still wide awake). I remember the evening after I confirmed that my 4 year old boy could officially be categorized as a “highly sensitive person”, an HSP. “He certainly has many of the characteristics”, the expert told me. “It is normal that given the way he is wired, he will have a difficult time settling down”, he said. “What do I do?” I asked... read more

Once Upon A Time…

In a Not So Distant Land (i.e., around the corner) there lived a Mom. Let’s call her Ana.  Ana loved her children more than anything.  But despite her bursting heart, her days were plagued with a deep sense of sadness and worry as a mother…  Because deep down inside, our dear Ana believed she was failing – failing her children, failing her partner and, worst of all, failing herself. She was a busy mother and the juggling act of motherhood was stressing her out.  The small stuff was getting to her in ways she’d never imagine.  Spilt milk and messy meals stopped being about, well,  spilt milk and messy meals. They became about her inability to raise tidy and polite children. ... read more


When I ask Mamas what their biggest obstacle is to ditching overwhelm, the answer is always TIME! Lack of it. Not enough. Too little. So it should not come as a surprise when I ask them: If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for? And they answer without pause: I would wish for more hours in the day. So then I ask: “To do what?” “To spend quality time with my kids”. Of course. Because right now it probably looks like: As soon as I get the dishes done, I’ll spend some one-on-one with the little one…Or, “let me just fold the laundry and I’ll be with you…” “I’ve got to check this email first…” The thing is, there are only 24 hours in a day. Time is the one thing... read more

This is it.

This morning I woke up to hear little hands playing with lego in the next room. I did not wake up to a sleepy-head face staring at me with ‘lets cuddle’ eyes. Or a little body nudging me over sneaking into our bed for an early morning cuddle. So, this is it, I thought. This is it. He isn’t doing that anymore. Hmmmm. And the other day my daughter left for school without us. I had told her that we were running late; That if she wanted to get there on time, she was welcome to leave a bit earlier. And so she did. The boys and I got out the door minutes later and of course I rushed them so that we could catch up to her. So that we could walk together as was the tradition. But before we did I... read more

The top 5 reasons busy Moms don’t feel like they have enough time.

Whenever I ask Mamas what their biggest challenge is in ditching overwhelm, they come back at me with the nasty four letter word: TIME. There just isn’t enough of it! So, at the risk of telling you what you already know (or experience!), I thought I’d share with you the top 5 reasons Mamas feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day… REASON #1. Too much stuff going on Let’s face it…this is probably the busiest season of your life. You’ve got more going on than you ever have before. Not only do you need to take care of yourself, your relationship, your work and your home (plus whatever else you are committed to), there are now these dependent little creatures... read more


I’ve been thinking about self-love a lot. And there’s this one thing that keeps me curious: It’s that thing that stops us Mamas from self-loving… What is that? What is that about? I mean with very few exceptions, the Mamas I observe all struggle to love themselves. They may be able to say they love themselves. They may do the whole twice-a-week self-care thing. But loving themselves truly-madly-deeply for loving themselves [period]? Nope. It just doesn’t happen. Usually they love themselves for practical reasons…Because it makes them kinder to other people. Sweeter and more patient with their kids. Gentle and more loving to their husbands. A better person for the rest of the... read more

Good Mom things.

So that’s a photo from my vision board last year. It is not me. It is what I want to be… That good baking Mom – the one who has fun throwing flour all over the place while she bakes with her child. Playful memories full of carefree laughter. Well, sorry to say, but that particular image did not manifest itself last year. Nope. Arts and crafting Baking cookies Boardgaming Cooking together Kicking the soccer ball around Lego building Playing tag in the park Reading a book Sledding down the hill (with my bottom on the toboggan). This is that list of stuff I feel like I should do with my kids. Isn’t this what memories are made of? And don’t I just suck if I don’t do it? Yes,... read more

Wanting it all…

The modern day Mama wants it all. Result: We are spinning many plates Juggling many balls. We are aspiring to the undefined ever-changing impossible.   The modern day Mama thinks other modern day Mamas have it all, perfectly and blissfully. Result: She hates the other modern day Mama. She is constantly looking out and wanting that. She hates herself for not having it.   The modern day Mama believes she can and should do it all perfectly and blissfully on her own. By herself. Result: She feels alone. She feels a failure. She doubts.   The modern day Mama worries however much she gives, it just isn’t enough. Result: She gives more. She exhausts herself. She loses herself.   The modern day... read more

When Doubts visit.

Mr. 5 really belongs in Montessori. If only I’d kept the office job…that would have paid for it… Or maybe I should have home schooled him… I know! We should have moved to Ottawa (where we could afford Montessori tuition)   Mr. 8 feels lost in this D.C. boy culture. If only we’d stayed in the UK… If only we’d moved to Ottawa… If only I’d signed him up for Boy Scouts…he’d surely have felt a sense of belonging there.   Ms. 11 is a scatterbrain…she loses everything and is super disorganized. If only I’d never taken that office job… If only I’d been more there for her when the boys were little…she needed me to guide her more along the way. She was thrown to the wolves when the boys came along.... read more

“Why do Daddies work more than Mummies?”

“Why do Daddies work more than Mummies?” I whip my head around, look at my boy and just to make sure I heard right… “WHAT?!” I catch that holy-shit-what-did-my-son-just-say-to-me-we’re-getting-something-majorly-wrong-here panic in the shrilled one-word question. More cautiously and slowly, he repeats: “Why do Daddies work more than Mummies?”   It’s an innocent question.   Yet I’m totally shocked. Speechless. I don’t even know where to begin.   In retrospect, I know that I should have asked (without judgement): “Why do you think that, honey?” and explored the subject calmly.   But I didn’t. I went into a diatribe about the value of women’s work. I told him how much cognitive,... read more

Getting it wrong

I’m that Mom that sends her kid off to soccer practice with indoor gear, when the game is outdoor. I’m that Mom that takes her kid to the wrong venue, 30 minutes late. I’m the one who hasn’t quite figured out what league team her aspiring soccer star is on. And sadly, I’m the Mom who yells at her kids for being late when it was me last out the door!   I’ve given up on water bottles. Homework is optional. Clean sheets are luxury.   So standards are basic. And yes, I get it wrong All. The. Time.   And the cherry on the cake is that I’m the so-called “lead” parent. I mean my husband doesn’t even know the kids teachers’ names. (Now that’s bad!) Managing a house, a business, the... read more


Balance. We hear this word all the time. It is something I constantly aspire to. But what does it mean? Really. In practice.   I dream of myself standing still in tree pose balancing Still Focused Centered Grounded.   But when I am in tree pose in the peace of my local yoga studio There are no children yelling, wrestling, playing underfoot. There is no dish or laundry pile. There is no work deadline. It is just me in my yoga studio, imagining I’m a tree. Outside that yoga studio life does not stand still and quiet, granting me the space and peace to balance myself like a tree. (Not my life, anyway.) My life challenges me to balance along multiple axis, moving forward in the complex and... read more

Mind your mind, own your time, nourish your soul

I’m in mid-holiday swing. That week that bridges X-mas and New Years is so unique. This week and last – my opportunities to practice my Merry Mama mantra: relax, into calm connection. This is not my mantra because it comes naturally. It’s my mantra because it’s what is missing What I desire What I dream of What I work to manifest Every. Single. Day. Over the last four weeks. And it’s easier to do it while I’m on a beach in Mexico (like I was last week – oh glory!) But the mother challenge doesn’t lie in staying calm on that beach, Or at that yoga class Or on that solitary walk. The mother challenge is in finding peace and staying calm When your 5 year old is tantruming When your... read more

Light, Life & Transformations

I am not religious. I prefer to think of myself as agnostic.   I do believe in spirit That there is more to us than meat and bones That there is more to living than survival.   I believe in Buddhist principles And I hold nature in reverence.   I guess I’m somewhere between Buddhist and Pagan. A Pagan Buddhist? Still working it out, really.   So at this time of year, while our family does follow a tradition of celebrating the magical coming of the man in the red coat, the giving and receiving of gifts, the practicing gratitude and appreciating abundance I also like to look at what nature has to teach us on a more personal level I want to explore how, through simple rituals, I can connect to... read more

Savoring the Sweet & Simple

Today we are talking about Savoring the Sweet & Simple. It’s such a busy time. There really isn’t any time of year that is busier than now for me. Deadlines. Commitments. And while I won’t go on about my husband being away for two weeks (because I already have, though I really so so so could…go on I mean…a real rant and vent session, but I won’t!) Or go on about how my kids have needed to stay home with colds and coughs (double argh). I will say that it’s been tough. I meet Moms I know at school pick-up, at the grocery store. I ask them how they are and in the eyes and responses of those who know me well enough to feel safe in telling the truth. I feel frazzled energy, I see a... read more

An ABC solution to holiday hot head moments?

It’s officially the Holiday season And with that comes this crazy sense of intensity Which, in my case is exponentially exacerbated by the cold hard fact that my husband is travelling for Two. Looooong. Weeks.   Yes, this is the woman who runs the Ditch Stress & Be Merry, Mom webinar. And yes, I’ve followed my own advice. I’ve simplified and streamlined.   I’ve lessened my Holiday to do’s Said no to volunteer commitments at the school Said no to the one extra Holiday Party I felt would take me over the edge Said yes to more e-cards Said yes to 100% on-line shopping   But there is still a lot to do!   The kids’ schedules aren’t full... read more

Monkey Minds & To Do lists: a terrible twosome

When my older kids were little (before number 3 came along) I worked full-time. I worked supporting HIV/AIDS programming in Southern Africa – an increasingly low priority for the organization that employed me. My team was under-resourced but extremely competent, dedicated and very overworked. While my team was well managed and led, the organization as a whole was not. Morale was low. This was my work world.   Because I believed in what I was doing, I brought it home with me – both materially AND mentally. It rarely left my mind.   Meanwhile, family logistics – child transportation, food management, bills and the very few social engagements we had – occupied the little bit of... read more

Joy & Gratitude

Last night I lay in bed. It had been a rough day. An anger moment with my husband. A feeling of being undervalued by my daughter. And lots to do before I close “shop” before the long weekend.   I was tired but my mind was buzzing.   Meanwhile, humming around at the back of my mind was this wonderful message I’d heard from the famous Brené Brown: There is no joy, without gratitude, she had said.   And so, in my desperate pursuit for joy last night I decided to start practicing gratitude. To give it a go, anyway.   I snuggled into bed and got comfortable. I switched the light off. I ignored my husband’s snores. I lay on my back, focusing on the weight of my body on the mattress. I placed one... read more

The Jones’s

In my neighborhood, the Jones’ live in a nice Colonial Revival brick house.   Mr. and Mrs. Jones both have well paying high status jobs. They have a house they pay a mortgage on. They have two cars that get them where they want to go.   Mr. and Mrs. Jones have kids, too. Their kids do well at school (All “A”s I’m pretty sure). They do soccer. They take piano lessons. They have lots of toys and screens. They behave.   For fun, Mr. and Mrs. Jones go on family holidays once or twice a year. They take their family skiing in the winter The kids go to camp in the summer.   Mr. and Mrs. Jones are good people. They give to many charity organizations. They are part of the school’s PTA.   They throw... read more

Suffering from shoulditis?

Ok, so if you’ve been following this series, you will now have a few strategies in your toolkit to help you manage those hot head moments, including a great first step in preventing the explosion itself. Today we are going to dive a bit deeper in understanding some of your personal whys, behind your hothead moment. (Scroll down to the podcast if you want to plug yourself in and listen rather than read).   Let’s go back a bit… So we now know 2 things about Momstress and what triggers us during those MOMzilla hot-head moments: The brain doesn’t distinguish between psychological and physiological danger, and activates the same bodily response in each case And in following, How we... read more

A quick & easy way to prevent Hot Head Momstress Explosions BEFORE they happen

You know when your 4-year old boy is (or was) just about to step into tantrum mode. You know how sometimes you saw it coming and you could veer it off. (Ok, so I can count those times on one hand but alas…) And you remember how veering it off felt oh, so good. “Phew. What a relief. Life can go on despite him not getting lolly pops for breakfast”, you said to yourself. “Maybe I’m not such a bad Mom after all? Hmmm…” Well it’s much the same for us hot head Moms. We can sometimes manage to veer ourselves away from our hot head moments and there are indeed, a few tricks of the trade to help us do that. But for me, most of the time, the easiest... read more

6 Simple Strategies to Manage that UGLY BAD Mom Moment

You know those moments, those really UGLY BAD Mom moments. Those Tyranossaurus Rex moments.You’re tired. You’ve had it. Blood is rushing through your veins, your head is pumping, you see red. The moment you say something you know you will regret. The moment you can’t stop. You know that moment. Yup, sadly, I know it too (All too well!) See, I’m a hot head Mom. Now (sometimes) I’m a recovering hot head Mom who, with certain preventative ninja strategies and a strict self-care regime, is equipped to STOP that moment. Here are 6 quick and easy strategies to help you STOP and CALM in that moment. Move your body consciously – be aware of your movement, of the feeling in the part of your... read more

Momstress | Why Moms freak out.

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately. But even when I don’t, I need to be honest with myself: I’m a hot head. If left to my own devices, I get stressed out easily and often. {this is why moms freak out} I freak out. And then I feel horrible. The bad Mom. I hate the guilt. I hate the regret. And worst of all, I end up hating myself. When my kids held the mirror up to me a few years back – replicating my crazy hot-head reactions, I decided enough was enough. The guilt of yelling was one thing, the guilt of raising kids who lacked self-control, of wrecking my kids was another. I needed to stop the stress from taking me over for myself, yes. More importantly, I needed to do this for the... read more


I’ve been absent from my life for months now, I know.   It was one of those “life happens” things.   Actually, it was more of a “death happens” thing.   See, after a year of knowing that my mother’s life was shortened by terminal cancer, it ended.   Her life here, with us, ended on August 5th, this past summer.   I remember the moment we learned that her cancer was terminal. We were on the beach near my husband’s hometown in Barcelona. I remember the sense of powerlessness. The distance. The desperate need to be next to her. To hold her and to say it was ok, even though it really wasn’t. The desperate need to mother my mother.   The tides had changed long ago between us. Circumstances had... read more


Somehow today’s Mom has conned herself into believing that life should always be happy, perfect, blissful. That so should we. And that so should our families. In other words, we have fooled ourselves into believing that life should be different than it is. It should be better. And that we’re doing IT wrong, if it isn’t. We look around us and see that others appear to be doing it better. We assume they have the answers. Other Mothers or Experts know something we don’t.   It is all too common for mothers to feel torn between their own intuition and societal messages; or to be too busy or disconnected in a particular moment so that they simply follow suit, ignoring their muted... read more

Remedy the drag of motherhood and lift yourSELF UP, Mom!

Mothers are busy. We give. In many ways our job is to love others. And we are good that that.   But love ourselves? We aren’t always so good at that. In fact, we are so good, so effective at loving others that we forget to love ourselves. We might even forget what self-love means or looks like   Because we are too busy doing, rushing Or getting down on ourselves for not doing or rushing enough.   However it is only from a place of authentic self-love that we can move forward in our decisions and actions compassionately; from a place of authenticity and heart.   Loving yourself grants you the clarity and the energy to design a motherhood experience that not only helps you to cope, but... read more

Calm Mom Dinner Time tips

So, us busy Moms all about being more efficient and productive. We’re all about trying to get more time (time, oh precious time!) Setting up systems that support easier family and house management is a super way to do this. BUT (and this is a big but)… Systems can also prove to be a false crutch in that they encourage us towards DOING MORE, DOING PERFECT and DOING “SHOULDS”. This is clearly true when it comes to managing that old friend that comes around every evening: Dinner time. So before you read on and start considering how to make your dinner times easier, take a moment and ask your Calm Mom self what voice is fueling what dinner time SHOULD look like. For... read more

Dinner Time, my old friend (NOT!)

“Ah, Dinner Time, my old friend. Is it time for you to visit already? Again? So soon?”   In truth Dinner Time is everything but a friend to me. She shows up late afternoon every day (Yes, every SINGLE day!) Like an unwelcome guest Arriving and making demands at the worst time of day.   A time when the children are needy. Tired. Irritable. A time when I want to run away. When my brain is empty and my mind if fuzzy. When my energy is low and patience is dwindling.   Dinner time! Stop draining my brain! Stop making me think?   I don’t know what to make of you. Ingredients are mismatched Or missing Or unwanted by little mouths   You require so much. Ingredients (!)... read more

Mothers’ time

When mothers come to me for guidance or support, they all have one thing in common. Above everything else, they all want just one simple thing. They want time. More time. Better quality time. More quality time with those they share their lives with. Those they love the most. Lately life has been throwing a message out at me. It is a reminder. A reminder that time (as you know it know) with those you love is finite. As mothers we know this because every once in a while, when life feels like it is standing still we stop and notice how short our child’s trousers are on him or how sophisticated her observation was articulated or how small their bicycles have become. I often try to look... read more

Savoring scruffy: letting imperfection become your perfect

When my three monkeys were younger, people used to ask me how I did it. By this they meant raising three kids under 6, starting-up two businesses and leading the management of a house and family in between three house moves and one international move, with an often-travelling husband. I remember looking back at these people through splotchy glasses, feeling confused. I remember not knowing how to respond. I remember finally swiping aside my unkept rather greasy hair and saying “not that well, really”. “How do you do it?” It wasn’t a question I really appreciated. While it was said with kindness and acknowledgment, it made me feel bad. Because in all honesty, I... read more

Blossoming into Spring

In the Early Spring I walk. I see growth against all odds.   The buds pushing through the snow. How do they know it’s time?   Their roots are ready. The Earth nourishes their growth.   It is an innate knowing. Change is constant. Growth is inevitable. Motherhood offers the opportunity to reconnect with our natural creative capacity. Our bodies change. Our minds shift. Our lives are forever altered. And our children grow. Everyday. And in every way.   And so just like the buds in the trees or on the soil that come to be, That come to create themselves. We too have that chance. That chance to grow To evolve.   It is nature’s invitation. It is evolution’s invitation.   To... read more

Stepping out is OK: make family traditions work for you.

Friday evenings have always been about taking it easy for us as a couple – even before kids came along. Post-kid, they have become a bit more about “There is no way I am cooking another dinner! Let’s go for pizza! (In the car N.O.W.)” So Fridays have become a family tradition: Pizza Night. But most recently, I have found that outings to our beloved neighborhood pizza joint have become less enjoyable for me. When I’ve resisted this weekly treat, my husband and kids are so disappointed. It has become something they so look forward to. And so, I have gone along with it FOR THEM. The thing is, that while I go for them, I am pretty miserable company TO THEM. I get... read more

Guest post: Musings from an introverted Mom

I always tell my clients that in order to have a strong relationships with others, including those that stress them out the most (i.e., kids and partners), it is critical that they develop strong relationships with themSELVES. A first step in doing so is, of course, getting to know yourSELF. I met with Jeanine Cogan, The Intelligent Introvert blogger and Coach, a few weeks back and became fascinated with the different experiences of life that mothers have depending on whether they are introverted or extroverted. I began to ponder. What am I? An introvert or an extrovert? I didn’t know the answer to the question, but after some self-observation I think I’m figuring it out.... read more

The business of Mom busy-ness, stress and why we need to relax

Life is busy. Everyone is on the go. All the time. But nobody is busier than today’s working Mom (and by working Mom, I don’t necessarily mean paid-to-work working Mom). My research suggests that mothers in the D.C. area’s top three complaints: lack of time pace of life and accumulated exhaustion are primary causes of stress – all results of go-go-go busy-ness. The Business of go-go-go Busy-ness & stress “I’ve never been good at resting, taking time out, or giving in to exhaustion. For years, I bought into the mantra that doing is better than being, that productivity is the measure of self-worth. An active life is a good and laudable thing…”Andréana E. Lefton  Our society is one that... read more

Build Moms’ self-confidence #LikeAGirl

Did you see that great Always #LikeAGirl ad? Today is International Women’s Day and I was reminded of it. See, the fact that girls’ self-confidence levels peak at 8 really hit home for me (as a girl’s Mom and as a girl, myself). Parents work so hard these days to build up their children’s self-confidence – boys and girls alike. Our efforts are affirmed when we see videos like Jessica’s Daily Affirmation, which go viral on Facebook and Twitter. This video was taken in 2009. Jessica was 4-years old. She is now 9. She has passed her confidence peak. Is she still dancing in front of the mirror celebrating herself, her family, her life? Moms learn positive parenting. We learn... read more

Toothfairy F&*^-Up

Ok, so Mr. 7 lost his tooth yesterday which he was super excited about. Sure, I was happy for him but hey, he’s number two and I’ve kind of gotten over the tooth fairy thing as my daughters almost lost all her teeth now. Plus I was distracted by a couple of other things…lingering thoughts about my husband’s two week work trip, a few workshops and retreats that were coming up – two of which I’d managed to double book. Suffice it to say, my mind was elsewhere. And Mr. 7 is a fairly quiet boy who simply trusts that the Universe will do as it should, so he didn’t make too much of a fuss about the toothfairy. He simply popped his tooth in the little orange plastic treasure chest the school had... read more

A mother’s hard heart

Today my heart is hard. My child cries and I do not hear him. He doesn’t want to go to school and I don’t care. He has to go. I need space. I am tired. My heart is hard. “Please”, he cries. “I’m sorry you feel this way. You are going…” My voice is dry. And I drum up reasons in my head. He latches onto me. I push him away. I know what he needs. He needs me. I don’t care. My heart is hard. Sometimes I wish I didn’t need that space. Sometimes I wish I didn’t need to work. But I do. I wish I was a better Mom. But I am not. I hear my voice silently say: “I was not made for this. It is never enough. They are draining me dry. It shouldn’t be this way.” And the tears come. And my heart softens.... read more

loving yourSELF equates to loving your loved ones

I know…You’ve heard it all before (not least of which from me, who went on my own self-love rant last Sunday). But this is REALLY IMPORTANT stuff. Just a few days ago, I met a Mom with two kids in their twenties. A common friend was sitting with her. She remarked: “She is a testament to getting through it all, looking great!” (And she did look great.) And she shared her secret in only four words. “Take care of you”, she said. So simple. She went on… “Because if you don’t take care of you, they just feel like little buckets of germs all the time and you really don’t want to be around them, do you?” Again. More wise words. So,... read more

What Mom’s have been doing wrong on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it always comes along. For me it’s one of those days (like New Years) full of anticipation and sort of set-up to disappoint. He sort of always gets it wrong. At first he rejected it completely as it is not an occasion that connects in any way with the rational side of my brain, which sort of rejects it as well. Then, he started trying. Then, he started REALLY trying. Poor guy. He’s gotten close, but never quite gotten it right. So, a few times I decided to take the lead. (I am, after all, the woman who sends him ISBN codes as ‘hints’ for Christmas and Birthday gifts.) But somehow that didn’t work either. Because it’s supposed to be from him, right? It’s... read more

Serenity cure to 6 not-so-sexy stressors

When I arrived in D.C. I started (as mothers do), to talk to other mothers. I was checking out the new terrain. Some seemed happy enough. Others were desperate to leave. ALL agreed that the city was intense. Very intense. Stress levels were high, here. It was expensive and the pace of life was unforgiving. My researcher side came to life and I decided to look into this… So I set up a few focus group discussions and carried out some one-on-one interviews. I wanted to learn more about D.C. mothers’ experiences of stress. I discovered 6 major STRESSORS in the lives of mothers, here: 1. TIME. 2. PACE OF LIVING. 3. EXHAUSTION. 4. ISOLATION. 5. MONEY. 6. DIFFERENCES WITH PARTNER.... read more

So, what is this Calm Mom Coaching Circle about, anyway?

ANSWER: Awareness. Clarity. Compassion. Connection Emotional intelligence. Letting-go. Mindfulness. Support. It is about a small group of mothers coming together in a safe and empathetic space to integrate these beautiful qualities into their lives. It is about sharing and exploring simple take-home strategies for managing and reducing Mom-related stress. It is about being supported in stepping towards a more authentic you, the calm and joyful Mom you really are. The Mom guided by love and patience. In the coaching circle we hold one another’s hand, and are guided through a series of coaching and mindfulness exercises and tools to help you to: identify what fuels and triggers stress in... read more

Ever enter Tyrannosaurus Rex mode, Mom?

Sometimes I become a person I don’t recognize…a mother I don’t want to be. I know this ugly transformation is happening when I hear myself saying (inside or out loud): “Ya no puedo más!” [translation: “I can’t do this anymore!”] “Déjame en paz!” [translation: “Leave me in peace!”]   Part and parcel of this is about being a mother who tries REALLY REALLY hard not to say: “Not now, I’m busy.” I try to do stop what I’m doing when one of my three children call me. I work to be present, listen, hear what they are saying. It’s hard. Super hard. And by the time 7pm comes around, my husband still isn’t home (or is abroad which means he won’t be coming home for days), I... read more

RELAX??!! I don’t have time to relax!

Almost every mother I speak with tells me they want to simplify and slow down their family life. They complain of overwhelm, stress, exhaustion. And then, less than one minute later, they scoff at the possibility of a relaxed lifestyle, or calm and joyful living. Why? Because busy-ness, go-go-go’ing from one planned activity to another has become the norm. And saying “no” to the pulls and pushes that make our lives so busy feels wrong. Saying “no” to an after school enrichment class feels wrong, like we are jilting our 5 year old of their birth-given right to tae-kwon-do, or violin lessons. Saying “no” to organizing that class Valentines’ Day... read more

Setting the tone for 2015

The transition time between the old and the new year offers us an opportunity to reflect, learn and set the tone for what is to come. In addition to inviting a conscious intent into our year, taking a few moments to do this supports our on-going personal development and growth as women and mothers. Too busy? This is a chance to create intention and set the tone for the next 12 months, Mom. It’s not about resolution. It’s about growth. Please, take a moment and do this for YOU.   In reflecting on what I’ve learned in 2014, I have shed some tears, been uplifted and left empowered. (Many who are in my closer circles know it has not been an easy year for personal reasons.... read more

Welcoming 2015!

May this new year be one of calm and joyful living for you, mom. with great acknowledgement and respect for the wonder-full person you are and work that you do! alex     read more

A time to go home…

As the crazy months of December and November wrap up and the 2014 year comes to an end, you may find yourself with a non-negotiable will to sit back. You did it! You planned, you organised, you cooked, you wrote, you wrapped, you decorated, you shopped, you hosted, you visited, you travelled, you ate, you drank, you laughed. You gave as you always do. Now it is all coming to an end. And although you may not notice yet, the days are already getting longer. Light is expanding. And you see the calm, stillness of January coming. The routine. But before we step into that routine again, hear the short days and long nights beckoning you to go inwards. Inviting you to take some moments to reflect.... read more

happy holidays!

may these holidays be light & merry. may they be a time where you begin to nourish your own inner angel who will cherish and love you for the incredible woman you are. wishing you joy & calm over the holidays, alex read more

“Not a creature was stirring…”

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse.   WRONG!   We Moms know who was stirring (and likely not kissing Santa Clause underneath the mistletoe, either!) It was Mom. We were stirring because well, the kitchen needed tidying, the last few (if we’re lucky) gifts needed wrapping, the stockings needed stuffing and the letter from Santa needed writing. Even today, in 2015, whether or not you were doing ALL of this “backstage work” or whether you were managing and supervising your partner in ensuring it all gets done, you were likely the leader and organiser behind the holiday scenes. It was likely your headspace... read more