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Good girls don’t howl at the moon

Listen to me read this blog…   Or, read it yourself…   So my daughter is 11.   Just so you get an idea of what that means today… She comes home asking me what a “virgin” is. She demands a smartphone (not a mobile phone, a smartphone). And when I say “no” to such smartphone, she calls me nasty things and stomps away.   She’s also super awesome. Kind. Loving. Considerate. The most amazing dancer ever. Talented sports girl. Full of piss and vinegar. And she thinks she’s 16.   So it’d feel all smooth if… She weren’t entering a world I don’t get at all A world that terrifies me.   How I cope? I drag my husband to talks held by the likes of Dr. Michael Bradley, author of... read more

Can motherhood and romantic love go together?

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. On the one hand it is an opportunity to really dive in and explore LOVE. It is a chance to celebrate connection, intimacy and romance. And, as a romantic at heart, I appreciate it. On a less romantic and more practical note, Valentine’s Day feels like a pain in the ass. Like a whole lot of unnecessary pressure. Pressure to have/ get this whole love and romance thing right (irrespective of the lack of sleep, piled up dishes and – let’s be honest – on-going frustration with partner who doesn’t do such dishes!). For the busy Mama who barely has time to shower or have a non-logistical conversation with her partner (let alone shop for... read more

Motherhood. Daughterhood. Partnerhood. This IS THE JOURNEY. 

When Jennifer Racioppi (one of my favorite Astrologists) invited me to explore the dominant story that unfolded in my life since Saturn entered Sagittarius in 2014 I jumped in full throttle. Over the past three years, the planet of lessons and karma (Saturn) entered a space defined by the quest for freedom, the ability to be bold, blunt, and to speak the truth​ (Sagittarius)​. Hands down, this period marked the most meaningful and significant transition in my life. A poetic summary. [2014] I learned (and slowly accepted) that my mother’s life was ending. [2015] I sat with her, held her hand throughout her journey. And when she passed on, I felt a darkness, a loneliness I had never... read more

5 Stress-Inducing Mistakes Moms Make Over the Holidays

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse. Wrong!!! We Moms know who was stirring (and likely not kissing Santa under the mistletoe, either!). It was Mom. We were stirring because, well…the kitchen needed tidying, gifts needed wrapping, stockings needed stuffing and the letter from Santa needed writing. Whether or not you were doing all of this “backstage work” or whether you managed to delegate, you were likely the leader and organizer behind the whole holiday bonanza. It was likely your headspace that was being taken up. It was likely your last bits of energy that were being drained. Knowing this scenario all too well, as... read more

The gratitude pause.

Life happens. And it happens fast a lot of the time. We wake up one day and see that our baby is not a baby anymore. That we haven’t spoken to our friend in Goddess knows how long. Or, that our beloved husband has become a stranger.   Sometimes it hurts so much to see all of this that we choose (subconsciously) to keep on going So that we don’t have to feel the pain of it all.   And so life keeps on happening. And we keep on rolling along with it. Fast.   Too fast to pause. To breathe. To feel. To release. To relish. To celebrate.   This is what makes the rituals around the holidays of Thanksgiving so important (yes, in spite of their dire beginnings). It is an invitation to... read more

Values, shoulds & the good mother myth.

In the world of personal development where we focus on self-awareness and self-actualization there is a lot of talk about values.   Values dictate the choices you make and determine the direction that your life takes. Fact.   Your values will influence your decisions related to your relationships, career, and other activities you engage in. Fact.   Values therefore determine the way you choose to mother and the way you choose to define your family life. Fact.   Simple and straightforward, right? Wrong. Modern living – its pace and, related, the influence of consumerism and its marketing machine – invites us to live unconsciously. And as we go about making unconscious decisions,... read more

GETTING REAL ABOUT MOTHERHOOD: a (free) 3-week INTROSPECTION guided experience.

Why does motherhood feels so damn hard? I’ve been working with a small group of women over at the In Essence Collective to better understand why our personal motherhood journeys and experiences can leave us on our knees by the time Thursday comes around. I figure that if awareness is the first step towards sustainable change and if we want to do motherhood differently, we need to understand why we are doing it the way we are doing it right now. So, I’ve pulled together a mini guided experience process that will help us do just that. It is essentially made up of few introspective questions  that will help us to better understand why we “mother” the way we do, why... read more

A non-judgy modern coaching Mama Circle is born!

Share Tweet Email**Can’t read at the moment…listen to Alex read it, by clicking here.**   Today I write with an invitation to do some self-reflection… I want you to ask yourself how you feel about who you are as a mother and woman in today’s crazy World. Does the pace of life, the overwhelm, the worry and mom-stress get in the way of you being the mother you want to be? Do you struggle between getting it all done and being present for your children? Do you worry about how to talk to your kids about all the sh*t that’s going on? Do you suffer from Mama-guilt and a constant nagging that you aren’t enough? Do you find yourself 100% caring for the needs of others,... read more

Beyond Calm

Just looked through my website. I had a wake up call. My own branding just doesn’t sit right with me anymore! (ouch).   The thing with the words calm and joy, is that they suggest quiet and passive and smiley. And right now, truth be told, I’m not feeling quiet and passive and smiley. I’m feeling like the world has turned a corner and I’ve turned a corner with it​.   This ginormous A-ha! led me to rethink my personal journey. Here it is: My journey re-thought.   In retrospect I think that when my hot headedness first started surfacing (around the time my children started tantruming and saying “no”), my passionate-speak-my-mind personality came out full throttle and a wee bit out of... read more

New Beginning. New Being. It’s Time

There are two times of the year when I naturally feel like a new beginning is upon me. The Start of a School Year for my kiddos and the Start of a New Calendar Year. I love these times of year – invitations to start afresh. For me this looks like diving deep into my values and reflecting on the pace I want to set for the coming months. It’s about integrating these values and pace into our family calendar and my business goals! It’s fun. A bit like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.   Yet this year, this new start has a deeper meaning.   Sure, it feels far more new as our family is in a new city and country, with a new culture, language to explore and so many exotic... read more

My Calling. Calling You.

Last week I went all vulnerable and woo woo. (If you missed it, you can read my blog by clicking here). Inspired by my move to Brazil, the Full Moon and Equinox, I spoke of transformation and change. (Mine mostly). I poured by heart and soul out to you. My Truth. I also promised that I would write to share how this awakening courage of mine will influence how I serve you. So here you go… My truth. In practice. As promised.   In my awakened courage, I am committed to serving you, dear Mama, by… ::  coaching mothers to role model emotional intelligence, compassion and confidence to her children in our stressed out increasingly upside-down world. ::  holding women’s hands as... read more

Truth be told

Truth be told. Today it has been 2 years and 2 days since my mother passed. It has been 18 months since I launched my first on-line Calm Mom Project. It has been one month and one week since my husband and I bought our first house. It has been 44 days since my youngest son turned 7! It has been 40 days since we saw our family belongings drive away in a container, to be loaded on a ship waiting in port in Baltimore, Maryland (a ship that is currently delayed in Montevideo, Uruguay). It has been 29 days since we landed in Brazil. And 11 days since we arrived in our new home. In 3 days my first born boy will be one decade old, and in 50 days my daughter will become a teenager. Change. The... read more

Free Parenting Coaching anyone?

Click here to recieve the Parenting Tips Series School’s out for summer! It’s time for quality time with our kiddos… If you’re anything like me, you face this opportunity (!?) with a combination of excitement and fear. If you know me at all, you know that I am not a parenting expert. In fact those two words together sort of freak me out and it wasn’t until recently that I was super skeptical about what a parenting coach could do for me. Because there are just so many variables. It depends on the kid, right? And how can anybody be an expert at something so bloody impossible anyway?! But of course, I was dead wrong. And over the last year, when I learned that I have two special need kiddos,... read more

Savoring Summer: A simple how-to guide…

Summer. The word conjures up images of lightness, of warm breeze, of lakes, of hammocks. It’s peaceful. It’s comforting. It’s relaxing. And then the truthbomb lands. Our delicate family routine has been ruptured. The kids need entertaining. All they want is screen. And that, if we work, our grind looks much the same all year round. So, what can you do to integrate that feeling of summer into the almost same ‘ole routine? And how can you do it all – the work and the play – without feeling guilty? A few weeks ago, I hopped on a call with Abundant Mama’s very own Shawn Fink. She’s an expert at this sort of thing and shared some of her wisdom with me on how to set yourself up for... read more

3 Easy tips to make a messy international moves more mindful

I know summer is supposed to be about savoring the slow, but doing less and slowing down is not what the Universe has in store for me this summer. That’s right, yet again we are about to embark on an international adventure as a family.. An adventure which involves a lot to do. And of course, when you have 1,000 things to do it is often difficult to STOP, BREATHE and  CONNECT with your kiddos. Even the slowdown time – bedtime –  can feel like a box that you just need to tick so that you can move back onto your “to do” list. My personal adventure involves moving our family from one country to another. Right now I find myself in the thick of managing an international move for 5... read more


You may have noticed that I haven’t written in a while. Well, today I finally find myself with the headspace to share some news. BIG news. Drumroll please…My Family is being posted to Brasilia for 2-3 years. Yes, it’s true. You may (or may not) know that moving is very familiar to me (and my family). But this move came as a surprise. I mean we just moved into our new home last August (yes, less than one year ago, but who’s counting?). I had counted on a good, oh, decade+ to settle in before our next move. But the Universe has another adventure in store. An adventure that, after much consideration, we have decided to embark on. Notice how I said embark on and not... read more

Know this… {my mother’s day gift to you}

The more work I do with mothers, the more I recognize that beneath it all – beneath the crazy-busy, beneath the frustration, beneath the yells – is this super strong fear that we will fail as mothers…that we will fail our children, our partners and ourselves. Maybe we are terrified (consciously or subconsciously) that we are repeating patterns we experienced in our childhood. Maybe we are scared we are scarring out little ones (the way we were scarred??) with the “mistakes” we make. Whatever it is, we are fearful that if we get it wrong, we will fail. So for Mother’s day I want to give you the gift of Truth. I want to invite you to embrace the truth behind this fear. I want to... read more


My business and my third child were born at the same time. The little human (now 6) obviously took priority, but it was the coaching practice that kept me sane and thriving as a human being during those first years of his life. When #3 was born, I didn’t want to go back to living the crazy hamster wheel automatic lifestyle that had become characteristic of my first and second children’s infancies. Instead, I chose to build up my practice part-time, around the children’s schedule. (Yes, I know how fortunate I am to have had this choice!) So for the last 6 ½ years, being the lead parent to 3 little littles combined with an international move and then my mother’s journey with cancer meant I... read more


So the last few weeks have been tough ones here at my House of 5. Each of my kids seems to have beautifully barfed up some internal sufferings that have respectively manifested themselves in the form of I-hate-myself-I-hate-my-life-I-hate-youness. We’re still trying to figure it out and of course, I take more responsibility that I probably should. But whatever the cause, in practical terms shit has officially hit the fan!! It has NOT been an easy time! I am so so thankful for my husband, my parenting coach, the school teams involved and my dear friends who hold my hand, laugh and cry with me. I am also thankful for the resources I have built up over the years to support me in times... read more

What no mommy talks about…

Part of my work is about dispelling the motherhood-is-bliss myth. It’s about telling the truth about this epic journey – the good, the bad and the ugly. And the other part of my work is, of course, to lift Mamas up so they can navigate the mess and stress in a way that helps them find the calm, the joy in the everyday routine. Because if we don’t shine a light on the truth of the challenge, we can’t see it for what it is. And if we can’t see it for what it is, we can’t own it and step up to that challenge. Ultimately, we don’t invest in making the most of this motherhood experience. And then we lose out…lose out on the precious moments that... read more

Loving Boundaries

This Valentine’s Day week – in an era that I’ve heard referred to as the Age of Anger – ​I wanted to reach out to you to offer some true support in self-love. And while I know it may seem counter-intuitive to do what I’m going to do (after all this week is meant to be all about love and open hearts),  I’m going to do it anyway… I’m going to offer you the gift of loving boundaries. It is only when we learn to treat our self-protecting boundaries with honor and love that we become able to hold and have what it takes to be present and love others from the bottoms of our heart. A first step in getting there is simply to start thinking about... read more

Going back to Basics…

For many of us busy Mamas, feeling irritable, tired, frazzled, frustrated, negative, hot-headed (and I could go on!) has come to feel like a normal part of the mom job description. There’s so much to, less time to do it and the nature of the “to do’s” is so emotionally demanding. Argh. We get triggered now more than ever before. (Don’t I know it!) Rather than getting down on ourselves and letting the guilt take over when we react to life’s challenges with these feelings, let’s invite them on in as messengers. Messengers…the ones who come to the door to relay information but don’t necessarily stay to run the show. If you listen carefully... read more

What to do when the world goes topsy turvy…

In my heart and mind, the world seems to have gone upside down and inside out. The good news is that this topsy turvy world has created a movement born out of a huge sense of solidarity that is growing ever stronger each day. The bad news (aside from the reason we are needing to hook arms and join in solidarity) is that there is a strong risk of burning out. We are now post-Brexit, post-US election, post-DT inauguration, in the midst of refugee crisis in Europe and what feels like an international wave of right wing Nationalism. We are consumed by the news, desperate to know what’s going on and searching for ways to make it all better. You want to know. You want to act. You want to... read more

Mom turns into T-Rex

Sometimes I become a person I don’t recognize…a mother I don’t want to be. I know this ugly transformation is happening when I hear myself saying (inside or out loud):   “Ya no puedo más!” [translation: “I can’t do this anymore!”] Part and parcel of this is about being a mother who tries REALLY REALLY hard not to say: “Not now, I’m busy.” I try to do stop what I’m doing when one of my three children call me. I work to be present, listen, hear what they are saying. It’s hard. Super hard. And by the time 7pm comes around, my husband still isn’t home (or is abroad which means he won’t be coming home for days), I often find myself breaking this rule BIG TIME. This is... read more

3 Gentle Truths to Help You Ditch Mom Overwhelm

When you become a mother life can feel overwhelming. In addition to all the physical changes you are going through (and I include changing sleep patterns (a nice way to put it!) in this realm, there are all the emotional, identity, relationship and logistical changes that motherhood brings with it. The combination of hormones and romantic messaging from family, friends and social media lead us to have more romantic expectations of what motherhood might be like. So when we find ourselves feeling those not-so-nice feelings, we get down on ourselves. We layer I-should-be-enjoying-this feelings on top of the not-so-nice-feelings!  And in doing this, we often become our own worst enemies. While... read more

This Year will be Different…

This year’s going to be different, I say to myself. I’m not going to run myself ragged. I’m not going say “yes” when I mean “no”. I’m not going to find myself too tired to cuddle and listen (really listen) at the end of the day. I’m not going to fill my weekends with to do’s, instead of kicking the ball around, creating art or building a fort in the basement. Nope. This year I’m going to keep my mind clear, my calendar spacious and myself present for the people I love the most. Hmmm… Sure I’ll be busy (that’s my nature, after all) But I won’t be frazzled or rushed. I’ll enjoy the busy. Because in the busy, I’ll be enjoying doing what I love, and connecting to those I love. This is what I... read more

How to Combat Accumulated Holiday Exhausted Mom a.k.a. AHEM

Despite all my efforts to help you to de-stress and simplify your December, there is the itsy-bitsy chance that you are feeling a bit, well, tired. If you are suffering from Accumulated Holiday Exhausted Mom a.k.a. AHEM it’s time to get radical and ensure a strong start to 2017. Five days ago was the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. Long nights and cold days are nature’s invitation to sleep more, yet we ignore it as we hustle along ticking things off our list. We drink our coffee and ignore our bodies’ need to rest. And we keep going and going and going. But guess what, Mom? You are not the Duracell bunny. Not even in December! So for... read more

6 Holiday Tips for Calm Mom Wannabe’s

No matter how many years I’ve been working towards mastering calm-mom’ness, I still anticipate long school holiday breaks with a great deal of trepidation. Three kids + a not-so-used-to-kid-chaos husband + no routine + cold outside is a recipe for potential disaster at my house. And while I know that keeping everyone active and busy all the time is an easy solution, I also know that this can be a) exhausting for me (who is also theoretically on holiday) and b) result in kids who depend on parent-designed structure and entertainment more than I believe to be healthy. So…I thought it would be helpful for me (and maybe for you) to jot down some tips that help me to find and keep calm (and... read more

How to De-Stress your December? Your questions answered

A few weeks back I sent out an email to my community of Moms asking what their usual Holiday Challenges were. Below are the top 5 questions busy mothers are grappling with, and my 2 cents worth on how to de-stress December and make your holidays happy ones. How do I make time to do holiday related tasks in an already overfull schedule? This is the mother question of all questions. Simply put: too much to do, too little time. Ultimately the answer to this question lies in one word: CHOICE. That’s right, it is about picking and choosing what is most important to you combined with feeling empowered to say no. It is about recognizing that you can have it all, but maybe not right now.Click To... read more

The sacred Sacred & the sacred Ordinary

No matter who you are, or what your life looks like, there is no denying that your life is made up of now’s. “Now” moments that roll into each other. How you choose to fill those moments is up to you. I know you may hate hearing that, Mom, but it’s more likely than true. Unless Motherhood took you by surprise and you decided to sacrifice yourself to the child rearing cause, you probably chose to be a Mom. However unprepared you were for the task at hand (I know that I was!), you found yourself living a life where time passed more quickly, where those rolling moments became full of doing, doing, doing. Because, simply put, you went from taking care of just one life to... read more

Fall Feelings {let’s talk about Emotional Intelligence}

This time of year has felt so super strange for me. Practically and physically I’m delighted that the routine is in place, the weather is cooling and that I’m able to get back into my beloved coaching groove. But on some weird energetic level, I was experiencing a wave of grief. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Tears randomly flowed about past pain, about losses gone. And I couldn’t quite lift myself out of it. My wise friend and teacher, Pleasance Silicki shared with us during our yoga class that what is happening in our outside world is reflected by what is going on inside (and vice versa). And indeed…on the outside it felt like the world was falling apart – there were the... read more

Getting off that Mama hamster wheel?? Is it really possible?

The thing about motherhood is that you can’t step out of it. You can turn off your computer and your phone. You can leave your office or close that office door. You can even quit your job and never turn back. But you can’t turn your kid off and you can’t quit motherhood. A lot of the time you can’t even hand the job off to anybody else. (Or, you don’t think you can, anyway). So, here’s the thing… I didn’t know any of this. AND, I happen to be quite a free spirit. I’m my husband’s nightmare… I refuse to wear a watch. I “unconsciously” leave my phone in weird places over the weekend, so that I can’t be reached. I hate committing to a particular time. So…when I... read more

Dealing with life’s little mishaps:: nits, lice & shoulditis collide

This is what my first Wednesday in September was supposed to look like… I would take the kids to the dentist (where the dentist would report that their teeth were in perfect condition, and where they would have no cavities). I’d then drop them off to school, head over to get my very hairy legs waxed and then head home for three super dooper mini-coaching sessions and a good long one-on-one session with one of my very lovely new clients. I was so totally psyched to coach that day! I love meeting mothers who read my stuff and offer a helping hand. Mini laser sessions always rock, and I had taken the summer off coaching so was ready to dive right in. I was excited. Sadly, this is... read more

Sweet Cecilia and the Calm Mom Coaching Circle

Cecilia is a high level professional who works full time. Her husband also works full time. She doesn’t have family around to help; and they don’t have a nanny. She has a 4 week old baby boy # 2 and a 3-year old toddler boy. She is on maternity leave, trying to negotiate a flexible work-from-home arrangement. When I met Cecilia, she was stressed about going back to work, and hating herself for becoming a mother she did not like. Over the past month, she had watched herself transform into a woman she didn’t recognize; a mother she did not want to be. Mothering her second child the way she dreamed of had become near to impossible. Ceci was sleep deprived (know that feeling?) and sick and... read more

5 benefits of mindfulness for Mama & child

When women come to my website, many of them expect to find a calm, yogi-type, soft-spoken Mama with infinite patience. I wonder if they imagine me practicing mindful meditation with three calm children who only ever make daisy chains and gently hug one another, whispering sweet affirmations into each others ears. HA! I’ll let you in on a little secret: NOTHING is further from the truth! Only a few years back, I considered myself as a scatter-brained, opinionated, short-tempered and loud Mom. I often spoke (yelled??) without thinking twice, and often regretted what I said. My three children weren’t (aren’t) easy and my parenting story was complicated. And still... read more

Getting a little bit closer to fine.

Labor Day weekend huh? I wish I could say something profound about it but I can’t. No particular family traditions or rituals. No particular memories. What I can say is that it marks the end of one season and the beginning of another and for many, it marks the start of the school year (this used to be true for me). But this is not the case for us anymore…my kids go back to school in August. This feels so weird and I think it has thrown me off a little bit. Now, don’t get me wrong, we were WAY READY to put on our school shoes and get back into the groove. (At least I was!) But somehow it didn’t feel quite right for the kids to be going to school in D.C.’s blazing August heat before the... read more

Confession Time:: My Psycho Sunday Secret

Oh boy! It’s confession time. It’s open-up-my-heart-to-the-world, share-a-nasty-secret and potentially-look-like-a-fraud time. Yes, I’m a fraud. A “calm mom” fraud. I’ve actually been telling friends {close friends, only} that I need to change my URL… I don’t know what I should change it to, but I know that doesn’t really feel authentic at the mo… Or at least it didn’t last week. {Fortunately, things have calmed since then! Sigh of relief.} So, here’s my confession: I totally lost it last Sunday. I mean really crazy-woman-with-magazine-rolled-up-in-hand-threatening-little-people kind of lost it! And it really freaked me out! It freaked me out for many reasons: It was the... read more

Summer Scaffolding

Wow! Last weekend I wrote about the value of STOPPING and SLOWING DOWN. This used to come naturally during summer! But I need to say that despite my intention, I have really been struggling with this whole SLOW DOWN thing this week. I mean I thought I’d ease my way from hammock to home-sweet-home, taking on a healthy pace for the remaining weeks of August, but it’s been REALLY REALLY HARD. See, we’ve just moved house {boxes, boxes and more boxes} and I’m also preparing to launch my second round of the Calm Mom Coaching Circle for early September. This would all feel do-able if there weren’t three little people to savour my last week of summer with; three little people who are not in camp... read more

A how-to guide to STOP {for busy Moms}

Ever wake up one day and your head feels fuzzy, your body achey, a general sense of fatigue? You blame it on lack of caffeine, or exercise, or a bad nights sleep. I know it all too well. {I’m actually there right now.} Most of the time, I’d reach for the extra coffee and keep on going {this is just what us Moms do.} I rarely take the time to listen in and slow down. Or, better yet, to take the time and simply STOP. Stopping is hard for busy Moms. Sometimes we don’t have the help that allows us to step back. Sometimes we don’t know how to. Sometimes we are scared to stop because it may mean we need to see life for what it is. {And this can be terrifying.} But today will be... read more


When we become Moms, one major thing changes in our lives: SPACE. The space around our body disappears as our little creature wants to be on us 24/7. The space in our home becomes cluttered with foreign objects for this new little creature. The space between things we need to do disappears as our to do list grows exponentially. The temporal and physical space to do those things we used to love doing – the uninterrupted chat with a friend, the drink with your partner, the drop-in-any-time facial or yoga class vanishes. The freedom to leave the house whenever and for however long… Gone. Vamoos.   And without this space, life can begin to feel cluttered. Cluttered in mind, cluttered in space,... read more

5 Surprising Reasons Moms Suffer from Overwhelm (& How to Ditch It)

I’m in the kitchen frantically trying to throw a dinner together. My daughter is calling from the dining room asking for homework help. Middle boy has just come in from an outside play with a trail of mud and three friends behind him – they are hungry and want a snack. {Like now!}. Youngest is having a tantrum on the floor, flailing and grabbing at my ankle. He is 4. He is tired and hangry. My husband is calling for a second time, wanting me to confirm a (much needed!) holiday booking that will expire in less than 10 minutes. My blog draft is waiting to be revised and published. {Deadline: 1 hour.} My mother is waiting for a call back from earlier in the day. She wants to update me... read more

Money & Self-lovin’

I got to wondering about the value that we place on taking time for ourselves, on re-TREATING. I was reminded of the primary excuse I held onto when it came to self-care. An amazing self-care opportunity would come up – the perfect yoga workshop, flight deal to California (where my best of best friends lives), the I-would-die-for yoga retreat – and this is what I would hear inside myself: “We just don’t have the money right now.” “Do I REALLY need this? Will it REALLY make that much of a difference?” “It’s a luxury. And I’m not that sort of a luxurious, frivolous spender.” “I’m doing alright. (Nobody’s in a mental hospital, after all).” Money and self-care. It’s complicated.... read more

Self-loving doubts (how to love yourself into RETREAT)

Today I am a self-help junkie. I’m addicted to podcasts and self-help books that love me up, inspire me and guide me closer to authentic and fulfilling motherhood and LIFE. I’ve developed routines and rituals that support my well-being and my love lives. This means eating well, sleeping long, taking time to quieten the mind and move the body. It involves a commitment to getting to know and accept mySELF. To feel the hard stuff, and once it’s digested, to work to lift mySELF up. A BIG part and parcel of my sane-keeping lifestyle is RETREATing. Retreating can come in many shapes and forms – a 10 minute breathing retreat from life (a.k.a. yoga/ meditation in my bedroom). An escape from... read more

This is an I’m-Worth-It blog

Whenever I put something together for Mamas, I always ask myself WHY. Why is this important? What is this going to do for them that is different, or unique? How is this part of my bigger mission to empower mother? And so, when Pleasance Silicki and I started flying high on this pie-in-the-sky idea of a soul nourishing yoga – coaching retreat for Moms, I thought it’d be important to bring myself down to earth – to ground myself in the WHY. The thing is that motherhood has been a hard ride for me. I went into it literally believing that I could pop the kids into a baby carrier and continue my high flyin’ type-A lifestyle. Nobody could be more wrong. Becoming a mother turned me... read more

Top 3 Mindfulness Tips for Moms

Planning a summer of fun-filled events that set you and your families up for heartfelt meaningful moments is one thing. Living that way is another. Somehow us Moms have become experts at planning and anticipating the fun, but when it happens not-the-way-it-should, we feel disappointed and look back with regret, or begin to look ahead at something else with anticipation {or worse, anxiety}. {This is the magnificent work of our busy Mama monkey mind.} Just think of that family holiday you so looked forward to…then you are there and your kids are acting up, you are reliving that dysfunctional family dynamic again, your partner is miserable. And you just want to go home and put the kids... read more


This is such a hard blog for me to write. See, I have Dad issues. Wow. I said it. Dad issues. My Dad left when I was 6. He left me, and my Mom {pregnant} and that was that. That was when my world fell apart. I could say that after years of working through the childhood trauma {and everything else that followed}, that I got over it. But I haven’t. I know I haven’t because I often fall into this pattern where I find myself trying to raise my children as if I were a single Mom. As if my husband weren’t involved. As if he weren’t responsible, reliable, or {let’s face it} around. As if he were my Dad, actually. See, this is what we do. We relive patterns. We relive them in our reactions to... read more

10 Top Tips to Find Balance & Feel Joy

Being a Mom isn’t always easy. It can be fun. And there are moments when it feels fulfilling. And it is most definitely a learning opportunity. But easy, well that is not a word I’d use to define it! And so as we walk this path of motherhood, we might find ourselves seeking more. Seeking that intangible something that makes it easier, more of the time. For me, it is finding a better balance and feeling that in-the-moment joy that makes it an easier and smoother ride. This is why I set out to understand how other mothers {who I admire} find their balance and invite joy into their lives. My search resulted in the sharing of the most wonderful stories alongside some super tips and... read more

Let’s savor summer together!

I just danced through a SUPER virtual circle of incredible mothers who opened their hearts to share their stories and their tips on LIVING IN BALANCE AND JOY {sign up for these stories right here}. I just cannot tell you how inspiring reading their wise wise words felt for me! It was such a strong reminder that hey, we are not alone. And hey, it isn’t easy. There are things we can do to make it feel a whole lot easier. {Yes, it’s true…there is another way!} As the fabulous Find Balance | Feel Joy blog tour comes to a close, I cannot help but land into the reality of this Spring to Summer seasonal transition with a sense of gratitude. Because, guess what? Summer is just... read more

Find Balance & Feel Joy:: a how-to guide for busy Mamas

As host of the Find Balance | Feel Joy blog tour, I’ve been asking women I look up to, mothers that I admire {so very much!} to talk about balance and joy. Their heartfelt stories, words of wisdom and helpful tips have blown me away! And now that it is my turn, I feel a deep and full appreciation for all their efforts, Because while the words balance and joy feel sweet and simple to my ears, it ain’t no easy task to write about them.  Let alone practice! Balance? When I think of the word balance, tree pose comes to mind. But as I’ve written before, it is only those hyper evolved of the motherly species that can step into tree pose during a tantrum, a rushed house exit to... read more

Summer fun?! {when it’s time to make summer work for you, Mom}

Yesterday morning at the breakfast table (after some quiet contemplation) my daughter says to me: “Mom, this summer is going to be so fun. It’s going to be the BOMB!”, she says. My Mama monkey mind what-does-the-day-entail stopped in her tracks. I looked up at my daughter. Confused? Panicked? What was this strange feeling? Silence. I’m not sure what the expression on my face was {deer in headlights, perhaps?} Because she looked at me, and said: “Mom, Mom…are you ok?” “Oh yeah….I’m so glad you think that.” I said, trying to chipper up in tone and demeanor. And I am. {Glad she thinks that, that is. This is the point, after... read more