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Somehow today’s Mom has conned herself into believing that life should always be happy, perfect, blissful.

That so should we.

And that so should our families.

In other words, we have fooled ourselves into believing that life should be different than it is.

It should be better.

And that we’re doing IT wrong, if it isn’t.


We look around us and see that others appear to be doing it better.

We assume they have the answers.

Other Mothers or Experts know something we don’t.


It is all too common for mothers to feel torn between their own intuition and societal messages;

or to be too busy or disconnected in a particular moment so that they simply follow suit, ignoring their muted inner wisdom.


What would it feel like if we took a moment to listen, observe and connect with your inner wisdom?

What would it feel like if we trusted ourselves in our choices?

What would life feel like if we believed that it was actually the way it was because it was meant to be that way?

What would it feel like if we accepted life as it was – the good, the bad and the ugly?


Is it possible to tame that voice of self-doubt? Of constant questioning?

Is it possible to TRUST life in this way?

Is it possible to TRUST ourselves in this way?


This is an area of work that I’m exploring. And I’d love to hear from you about your recent challenges in this area. Just hit reply and tell me how self-doubt is plaguing you OR better yet, what you do to connect to your own inner wisdom and intuition.

And if you are a D.C. area Mom, please come join me and other like-minded Mamas to explore how you can develop your own inner trust this Sunday evening at Lil Omm Yoga Studio in Tenleytown. The lovely Pleasance Silicki and I will be merging transformative coaching exercises and energy invoking asanas to support your emotional, physical and spiritual INTUITION muscle. (You can register by clicking here.)


Sending love and strength your way,


mom's up

Remedy the drag of motherhood and lift yourSELF UP, Mom!

Mothers are busy.

We give.

In many ways our job is to love others.

And we are good that that.


But love ourselves?

We aren’t always so good at that.

In fact, we are so good, so effective at loving others that we forget to love ourselves.

We might even forget what self-love means or looks like


Because we are too busy doing, rushing

Or getting down on ourselves for not doing or rushing enough.


However it is only from a place of authentic self-love

that we can move forward in our decisions and actions compassionately;

from a place of authenticity and heart.


Loving yourself grants you the clarity and the energy to design a motherhood experience that not only helps you to cope, but goes further to support your personal and spiritual growth.


Along the way, you may seek to find balance, trust, creative flow and sustained energetic strength.

But you will not find these if you do not begin your search from that place of self-love.


It is with this in mind that the glorious yogini and owner of Lil Omm Yoga Studio, Pleasance Silicki and I have co-created the Moms UP! workshop series beginning June 14.


Why a Moms UP! Series?

Being a Mom brings with it many challenges. It isn’t easy.


And while the path is often spotted with blissful highs,

Unimaginable moments of joy and love,

Too often it feels like a struggle that drags our essence and energy down, down, down.


We designed Mom’s UP! to remedy this drag,

To lift our Mom Spirits


To help Moms

To love themselves

To connect and trust their instinct,

To engage their creative flow,

To fuel and sustain their energetic strength.


Each individual workshop merges powerful coaching tools and asana practice to empower mothers.


It is for you if you feel dragged down by the challenges of motherhood and are ready to commit to a self-loving journey that will reconnect you to your higher self.


Here’s what it will look like:

Mom’s Up!: Balance

Sunday June 14, 7-9:30pm

A balanced lifestyle is simply a state of being in which one has time and energy for obligations and pleasures. Balance is a state that you achieve when all of the aspects of your life and self are in harmony, and only you can determine what balance means to you. Come and learn what balance means to you, and how to achieve equilibrium in your heart and mind.


Mom’s Up!: Creative Flow

Sunday August 23, 7-9:30

Busy-ness, overwhelm, stress and lack of self-confidence can all be barriers to a mothers’ powerful creative flow. Learn how to overcome these barriers and connect with and nourish you creative spirit. It is time to settle into your authentic self and let your imagination roam free.


Mom’s Up!: Trust

Sunday September 13, 7-9:30

Self doubt, guilt, and not-enoughitis are all too-common symptoms of motherhood. Reconcile with the voices and habits that support the re-occurence of these symptoms and learn to connect with your intuition; begin living a life based on trusting yourSELF and the Universe that supports you.


Mom’s Up!: Energetic Strength

Sunday October 11, 7-9:30pm

Energy and time feel like scarce resources for Moms. Learn how to self-care in a way that lifts your energy (and mood), revitalize yourSELF, your life and create a sense of abundance of energy, time and love in your life.

Join us in lifting yourself UP and into a place of self-love by registering here.


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Dinner Time, my old friend (NOT!)

“Ah, Dinner Time, my old friend.

Is it time for you to visit already?

Again? So soon?”


In truth Dinner Time is everything but a friend to me.

She shows up late afternoon every day

(Yes, every SINGLE day!)

Like an unwelcome guest

Arriving and making demands at the worst time of day.


A time when the children are needy.



A time when I want to run away.
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Mothers’ time

When mothers come to me for guidance or support, they all have one thing in common.
Above everything else,
they all want just one simple thing.

They want time.
More time.
Better quality time.

More quality time with those they share their lives with.
Those they love the most.

Lately life has been throwing a message out at me.
It is a reminder.

A reminder that time
(as you know it know)
with those you love
is finite.

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