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Dinner Time, my old friend (NOT!)

“Ah, Dinner Time, my old friend.

Is it time for you to visit already?

Again? So soon?”


In truth Dinner Time is everything but a friend to me.

She shows up late afternoon every day

(Yes, every SINGLE day!)

Like an unwelcome guest

Arriving and making demands at the worst time of day.


A time when the children are needy.



A time when I want to run away.
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Mothers’ time

When mothers come to me for guidance or support, they all have one thing in common.
Above everything else,
they all want just one simple thing.

They want time.
More time.
Better quality time.

More quality time with those they share their lives with.
Those they love the most.

Lately life has been throwing a message out at me.
It is a reminder.

A reminder that time
(as you know it know)
with those you love
is finite.

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Savoring scruffy: letting imperfection become your perfect

When my three monkeys were younger, people used to ask me how I did it.

By this they meant raising three kids under 6, starting-up two businesses and leading the management of a house and family in between three house moves and one international move, with an often-travelling husband.

I remember looking back at these people through splotchy glasses, feeling confused.

I remember not knowing how to respond.

I remember finally swiping aside my unkept rather greasy hair and saying “not that well, really”.


“How do you do it?”

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Evening thieves and sleep monsters

It’s 8 o’clock p.m. and he’s not only wide awake, he’s excited.

It’s 8:30 and not much has changed.

It’s 8:45. He’s still awake and mildly charged.

It’s 9. Oh my God! When will this end?!

It’s 9:30. It’s official. He is evil. (And yes, he is still wide awake).


I remember the evening after I confirmed that my 4 year old boy could officially be categorised as a “highly sensitive person”, an HSP.

“He certainly has many of the characteristics”, the expert told me. “It is normal that given the way he is wired, he will have a difficult time settling down”, he said.

“What do I do?” I asked in desperation.

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