For many of us busy Mamas, feeling irritable, tired, frazzled, frustrated, negative, hot-headed (and I could go on!) has come to feel like a normal part of the mom job description.

There’s so much to, less time to do it and the nature of the “to do’s” is so emotionally demanding. Argh.

We get triggered now more than ever before.

(Don’t I know it!)

Rather than getting down on ourselves and letting the guilt take over when we react to life’s challenges with these feelings, let’s invite them on in as messengers.

Messengers…the ones who come to the door to relay information but don’t necessarily stay to run the show.

If you listen carefully to the messenger you will here her whisper to you: you are living out of alignment with your basic needs.

It is an invitation for you to tune in and check your basic needs...Click To Tweet

Here’s a quick BASIC NEEDS check list that will help you to get closer to a more grounded, centered and connected (to you AND those you love)!

A gentle reminder and little something to help you get started…

>> I feel hydrated. I am drinking enough good water every day. The traditional recommended intake of water each day is 8 glasses of water daily. However, more recent study highlights that it depends on your age, physical activity, diet, climate acclimatization and other factors. There are complex ways of figuring out what the ideal amount is for you, but the easiest way to do it in my busy world is to keep water next to you as often as possible and sip it as you go. The ultimate test to see if you’re on the right track? Check your pee! If it’s more yellow than lemonade, drink more water!

>> I am eating well – amounts of food that make me feel good. Again, today we know that every body is unique, thriving on different foods in different amounts. It is your job to stay tuned in and make sure that you are responding to your body’s messages. Tune in when you eat – what makes you feel good, light, energized? What weighs you down? This doesn’t mean never enjoy a good pizza or ice cream. It means make what you put in your body aligned with what feels good.

>> I am sleeping well. Ok, I know that as a Mom of littles interrupted sleep may feel like your nemesis. I get it. I lived too many years sleep deprived and it was awful! What would I do differently? More naps, earlier nights, a mattress covered family bedroom? Maybe. Just do what you can here. You know that the extra hour will make a difference in getting you through the day Ask yourself: what do you need to give up to get that extra hour? Give it up!

Of course, if you’re a Mama with older kids who could get more sleep but stays up because she’s got a “to do” list to tend to (or a Facebook feed your addicted to!) then rethink your priorities. According to the wonderful Arianna Huffington “our society is in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis…and that this has profound consequences – on our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness.” Think about it. What can you let go of and what do you need to do to honor your sleep needs (i.e., yourSELF) and get enough zzz’s to be the best you can be.

>> I am moving my body in kind ways, regularly. Again, if you’re a Mom with little littles, this may feel impossible. And whether your littles are little or bigger, I’m not talking about a daily bust-your-ass workout. What I am talking about is getting whatever movement in that you can – with or without littles. Maybe a quick walk around the block, 10 minutes of good gentle stretches…just enough cardio to get the blood pumping and sweat popping. As time passes and your kids grow, there will be more time to do more of this…gauge it so it fills your spirit and energizes you.

>> My cup of coffee and glass of wine is enjoyed and loved. There is a difference between really enjoying your cup of coffee and glass of wine and depending on them to get you through the day. There is no judgement here, the coffee lifts us and the wine takes the edge off…good. Just don’t let it affect your sleep or mood in negative ways. When it does, readjust intake and make it work for you.

>> I take time to rest and rejuvenate my mind. What?! Yes. Our minds are on the go 24/7 – even when we sleep (or can’t quite get to sleep!). So, give it time to take that break. Whether it be through integrating mindfulness into your daily grind, a short sitting meditation, some mindful body movement, a walk in nature where you intentionally focus on your body and/ or your surroundings… Take a break, focus on the here and now – all in an effort to stop your monkey brain from go-go-going.

Practicing mindfulness has had the most profound impact in my life and in those of the women that I coach. Even if it feels too woo woo, or something you never get right, I urge you to try it. Oh! And [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], there are many ways that you can do it without sitting in lotus for 60 minutes each day. Get some Mindful Mama tips right here.

Now, over to you…what basic need do you want to work on? What habits are you going to integrate into your day to make sure you drink enough water, upgrade your diet or invite more mindfulness into the daily grind?

And finally, related to ALL OF THE ABOVE is your capacity to say yes to what serves your soul and no to what doesn’t…practicing self-loving boundaries.

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Hope to see you there!



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