It’s officially the Holiday season

And with that comes this crazy sense of intensity

Which, in my case is exponentially exacerbated by the cold hard fact that my husband is travelling for

Two. Looooong. Weeks.


Yes, this is the woman who runs the Ditch Stress & Be Merry, Mom webinar.

And yes, I’ve followed my own advice.

I’ve simplified and streamlined.


I’ve lessened my Holiday to do’s

Said no to volunteer commitments at the school

Said no to the one extra Holiday Party I felt would take me over the edge

Said yes to more e-cards

Said yes to 100% on-line shopping


But there is still a lot to do!


The kids’ schedules aren’t full anymore…

They’re bursting at the seams:

A school fair

Singing performances

Dance rehearsals and shows


Hair cuts


And this also happens to be the busiest (and most exciting!) time at work

See, I am about to launch a free e-course for busy Moms that I’ve been dreaming up for a long long time now.

The New Year is the perfect time to introduce this to my beautiful community of Mamas


But launch time also happens to take place at a time when the other balls I juggle are radioactive!


And then there’s always and forever more

The house, the food, the laundry, the yard

They’re still around alright

Neglected completely

But there, present and calling for attention

Every. Single. Day.


And all of this is supposed to be a fun, merry time.



Managing it alone just feels really heavy.


There hasn’t been much joy

And towards the end of the husbandless weeks

Hot head moments abound…


So while I had intended to begin talking about managing Mom overwhelm (which is what my upcoming e-course is about)

I think it may be more useful to close on my hot head series, by sharing one of the best hot head management tricks that I learned from an Anger Management parenting course I took a while back…

It’s worked a charm for me over the last few days…


When you feel that hot head moment coming on, think: A.B.C.


A is for Awareness

Become aware of yourSELF.

Ask yourself: what is happening to your body? what is happening to your mind? your self talk? your not-so-self-talk?

And if it isn’t pretty…



Back away.

Step back.

Go to your bedroom, a bathroom.

(And if you can’t leave physically, see if you can leave the space mentally – try putting on earphones (ear plugs?) and plugging into a pre-prepared relaxation audio, for instance)



Breath some more.

Practice one of my 6 simple strategies to find calm in that crazy hot head moment.


And once you are feeling safe, sane and sound (and this can take a while – experts say up to 20 minutes!)…


c is for connect

Connect with the humans around you from a place of calm.



Yes, sadly I’ve been spending a lot of time breathing in my bathroom this past week.


The kids get it

They think I’m a bit crazy

But they get it

And they love me all the same.


Happy A.B.C’ing Mama!



photo credit: Kathy Wrathall

photo credit: Kathy Wrathall