Despite all my efforts to help you to de-stress and simplify your December, there is the itsy-bitsy chance that you are feeling a bit, well, tired.

If you are suffering from Accumulated Holiday Exhausted Mom a.k.a. AHEM it’s time to get radical and ensure a strong start to 2017.

Five days ago was the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year and the longest night.

Long nights and cold days are nature’s invitation to sleep more, yet we ignore it as we hustle along ticking things off our list.

We drink our coffee and ignore our bodies’ need to rest.

And we keep going and going and going.

But guess what, Mom?

You are not the Duracell bunny. Not even in December!

So for those of you who are ready to accept that fact and the invitation the winter solstice brings to you to sleep, I invite you to take this week and do something wild and crazy…

Yes, here’s my top secret wild and crazy tip to preventing AHEM or remedying it as it slowly creeps in.

The number one top secret tip to keeping your energy levels jingling all the way! Are you ready?

I call it REST.

photo credit: sunlight cardigan

Some instructions:

  1. STOP what you are doing.
  2. LIE DOWN.
  4. BREATHE. Focus on your breathing.
  5. REST. Focus on your breathing.

You don’t need to sleep. You just need to rest.

That’s right, take 10 to 30 minutes each day to lie down on the sofa, breath and rest.

Crazy, I know. But there’s just SO MUCH TO DO! you yell back at me.

I know.

But a) you’ll do it better and faster if you’re rested. And b) is it REALLY THAT IMPORTANT?

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And if what is important to you is enJOYing the holidays…

If beginning the New Year fresh and energized…


10 minutes.

That’s all it takes.

Try it. It works.

If the mind keeps buzzing then don’t be shy and find some guided resting support for you. One of my favorite ones is a 24 minute deep rest guided meditation from

Sweet day time dreaming, Mom.