Ever wake up one day and your head feels fuzzy, your body achey, a general sense of fatigue?

You blame it on lack of caffeine, or exercise, or a bad nights sleep.

I know it all too well. {I’m actually there right now.}

Most of the time, I’d reach for the extra coffee and keep on going {this is just what us Moms do.}

I rarely take the time to listen in and slow down. Or, better yet, to take the time and simply STOP.

Stopping is hard for busy Moms.

Sometimes we don’t have the help that allows us to step back.

Sometimes we don’t know how to.

Sometimes we are scared to stop because it may mean we need to see life for what it is. {And this can be terrifying.}

But today will be different.

Today I will stop.

I’ve been on the go all of July and while I thought I could keep at it, the anniversary of my mother’s death {two days ago} has brought with it some physical symptoms that are speaking to me loud and clear:  “Stop, Alex” my body says.”It is time to stop and rest; to stop and be.”

Unpacking the suitcases can wait.
Unpacking the boxes can wait.
Work can wait.

“Life” can wait {for now}.

This is a request from mind, body and soul. A request I will honour.

So I will stop.

It will all wait and while there is help around, I will accept it.

The wild whirlwind of motherhood can drag us into it, into a non-stop spiral that ultimately drains us, overwhelms us.

I invite you to tune into what your body is saying today, Mama.

Here are a few tips to help you tune in…to help you to STOP, REST & SAVOR a mid-summer moment/ hour/ day

Essential Step 1 is to get help. A sitter, a neighbour, a relative…call them in for as long as works for you both. {You can return the favour later}

Then choose from the list of tips below {they are not exclusive…in fact, I did all 5 today!}. No guilt.

::  Find a hammock, a lawn chair, a towel in the garden…lie on it. Listen to the world around you. Close your eyes. Breath.

::  Find a Lake, pool, beach…get in the water and feel it lighten your body, lighten your load.

::  Find a quiet spot {a library, a park, a corner in your house} and read. Escape into another world, just for a bit.

::  Nap.

::  Pour those unused epsom salts or essential oils into a hot bath…hop in. Stay there until you feel wrinkly and relaxed 

And if any of the above feels impossible, simply take time {even if it is just 3 minutes} to hug yourself and breathe in and out deeply.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you. Your family will thank you. Ultimately, YOU will thank you!

Sending love your way,