Being a Mom isn’t always easy. It can be fun. And there are moments when it feels fulfilling. And it is most definitely a learning opportunity. But easy, well that is not a word I’d use to define it!

And so as we walk this path of motherhood, we might find ourselves seeking more. Seeking that intangible something that makes it easier, more of the time.

For me, it is finding a better balance and feeling that in-the-moment joy that makes it an easier and smoother ride. This is why I set out to understand how other mothers {who I admire} find their balance and invite joy into their lives.

My search resulted in the sharing of the most wonderful stories alongside some super tips and strategies. You can check these out here.

I drew from these stories and created 10 top FIND BALANCE, FEEL JOY tips for busy Moms. You can read these below. And if you like what you see {and want a daily reminder}, sign up for my Calm Mom Toolkit, which includes a Balance & Joy cheat sheet that you can download and print out (along with some other fabulous free resources). 

Here are those tips…

1/ Put yourSELF first.

Fundamental. Absolute. Non-negotiable. Step One.

Without taking care of you, you are at risk of losing the healthy mental perspective, emotional resilience, energy and strength that you need to be the Mom you truly are.

Putting yourSELF first makes you kinder, models self-care, and extends your life.

Deeply nourish yourself.

Fill your love tank. Because with a full “love tank”, there will be love to give. {With an empty one…you know what happens.}

2/ Get to know YOU. 

And become YOUR own best friend. Make the time, take the time to do this. Reflect on who you are and what you are about.

Consider where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be. Know and acknowledge your {ever changing} values.

This may mean a serenity date with yourSELF and your journal, a weekend retreat, or a coaching journey. To live in alignment with your authentic SELF, you need to know that SELF

You need to love and trust her.

3/ Set & honor your boundaries.

You know your values.

You love yourSELF.

It’s time to say YES to what works for you. And to say NO to what doesn’t. This is what setting boundaries is all about.

It may not feel easy or nice. That’s ok. Being nice is overrated. And being YOU is underrated. Be YOU.

4/ Zoom out. Get perspective. 

When you zoom out you will be reminded that this whole life thing is temporary. Summer will pass, babyhood will pass, toddlerhood will pass.

Your kids will leave elementary school, go onto Middle School. And lo and behold, one day they leave High School. {And you!!}

And while each day feels so long right now. It will somehow mysteriously fly by. When you zoom out you will be reminded that

You are learning. That mistakes are opportunities worth celebrating. Tantrums held by all, hot head moments galore. Regrets. Doubts.

All of it will happen. Because life is like that. With perspective…The ordinary then becomes sacred. The mistakes become opportunities.

5/ Keep it simple 

Stop the busy

Embrace Simplicity. Invite Space. Declutter mind, schedule and home.

Time to be.

To reflect.

To ponder.

To be bored

And do nothing.

Where can you say YES to simple? Where can you say NO to busy. Find your rhythm. Dance with it.

6/ Embrace imperfection, kindness & compassion {with YOU}

We are so tough on ourselves. We put ourselves down, push ourselves harder, strive to get it right, to get it “perfect”.

In her book, Taking the Leap, Pema Chodron observes how we have the unfortunate tendency to emphasize our failures, rather than celebrate our capacity to see ourselves honestly.

Imagine celebrating our self awareness and holding our beautiful imperfect self {warts and all} with kindness and compassion.

While our children watch. Imagine.

7/ Ask for help.

And if you have it, celebrate it. {period}.

8/ Find rituals, routines and “tricks of the trade” that work for you.

Light a candle while you cook, take three deep breaths, set an intention in the shower, listen to that inspiring podcast on your way to work. Gaze into your child’s eyes for just that little bit longer.

Lunch with that kindred spirit, go for a walk, consider what is working for you, and what isn’t. And then look for moments that can be transformed from the ordinary to the sacred ordinary – sometimes it can be as simple as a candle, a song or a few deep breaths.

These are the “tricks of the trade” that make the mundane marvelous.

9/ Seek inspirational community

Authors, speakers, thought leaders, mindfully {selectively} choose those that lift you up. Invite them into your world. {This is a definite YES.}

10/ Regroup with YOU regularly

Because life with children changes, checking in with oneself regularly is important. Essentially this is about going back to tips 1, 2 and 3.

Rinse and repeat.

Mama, finding balance and feeling is a journey that is not always easy.

To remind yourSELF of these 10 tips/steps/strategies/principles sign-up for my Calm Mom toolkit, where you can download and print out this Balance & Joy cheat sheet and post it up somewhere you’ll see it regularly.